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See firstPricing troubleshooting tools 


This wiki page will provide you with common problems in CRM Pricing, possible solutions, and/or how can you troubleshoot these problems.

There are some tools and checks that can be useful for many issues, so it is important that you at least are aware of all of them - even if you do not know all the details - before starting to troubleshoot any problem. The list of tools and checks with some explanations for each of them is in page Pricing troubleshooting tools

If you cannot find the solution to the issue using this troubleshooting guide or via note search, it is recommended that you apply the latest IPC patch ( that corresponds to your AP SP level) by following the steps in SAP note 880749  and retest the issue afterwards. 

List of common issues


General pricing issues

This list shows some pricing problems that affect the whole pricing process, rather than a specific condition of the pricing procedure.

Error “Internal error during pricing” (message PRC_PRI 451)

Error occurred when processing Java programs

Customizing changes not reflected immediately in the pricing result  

All the pricing conditions in one item are inactive


No condition rate found for a specific condition type

General information:  No condition rate found

Sample cases

    Message "Condition record is missing" in pricing analysis

    Message "Sample reading at header level (preliminary step) already unsuccessful"

    Message "Access not made (initialized field)" in pricing analysis

    Message "Access not made due to missing timestamp" in pricing analysis

    Message "Requirement <requrirement number> not fulfilled" in pricing analysis  


Condition rate found but condition is displayed with red status(error)

General information:   Condition rate found but condition is displayed with red status (error)


Condition value wrong or not found for a specific condition type

General information:  Condition value is wrong or not found

 Sample cases:

    Issues related to user exits

    Issues related to currency conversion

    Rounding condition DIFF not calculated


Pricing redetermination (repricing) issues

General information:  Pricing redetermination (repricing) issues

 Sample cases:

     Pricing not redetermined after change in custom header field




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