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comm_product: contains product anchor information like product id, product guid, product type, product validity date and owner.

comm_iproduct: the similar information like comm_product, but just for inactive priduct.

comm_producth: product history table, contains valid from and valid to date.

comm_prcatfrgr: Assignment Product Category - Set Type

comc_settype: contains set type guid and responsible function module to read, update, save and check set type data.

comm_prcat: relationship table between product category and product type

comv_pcat_cty: Product Catalog Area (with Version)

crm_ext_mat: stores transaction data of new fields created by application extension tool

comm_pr_frg_rel: relationship between product instance and assigned set type - product settype transaction data

comm_pr_frg_rodProduct Sales Set - Product - Assignment - only Sales settype!!

comc_pr_obj_fam: Object familiy and assigned product type table

comm_prshtext: product description 

comm_prshtexth: product description ( History table)

crmm_pr_salesa: Product - Sales Order Set

comm_pcat_vrt: Product Catalog Variant

comc_altid_field: Data for Alternative Product ID Fields

comm_category: product category table, contains category id, guid and the guid of hierarchy which it belongs to

comm_prprdcatr: Product - Product Category Assignment

comm_prcat: product category header table

crmd_product_i: Transaction Item - Product

comm_prprdcatr: Product - Product Category Assignment

crmd_terr_prdrel: Product- Territory relationship table

comc_altid_cnfld: Specify Context Data for ID Types

comm_prcat_il: Product Category - Relationship Type Assignment: what relationships have been assigned to the given product category

comm_pr_unit: Product Unit of Measurement, including gross weight, net weight, volume, length, width and height etc.

crmm_prpadm_i: Partner/Product Range Item table

crmm_prpadm_h: Partner/Product Range header table

comm_prmat: Product: General Data on Material-Like Products

crmc_prp_types: Definition of Partner/Product Range Types (PPR Types, contains number range object name, number range interval, application name etc)

crmm_prp_prod_i: Partner/Product Range Item-Product Assignment

crmd_ordprp_i: Business Transaction Item - Product List

isam_o_veh_ids: Vehicle IDs Extension - content of alternative id with type ALT_NO

comm_hierarchy: Product hierarchy header table

COMM_IL_SCDEC: Master Data of Relationship Type: Dependent Components

COMM_IL_SCSLC: Master Data for the Sales Bundle Relationship Type

COMM_PRAPPL_HIER: Product Type-Specific Application Area of a Hierarchy

COMM_IL_SCRPC: Master Data of Relationship Type: Rate Plan Combinations

COMM_PRMAT_NREL: Group Table for Number Range Object MATERIALID