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Products are goods which are the object of a company's business activities

Products can be tangible, such as a PC, or intangible, such as services like PC maintenance.

The product master provides you with all information on the products that your company purchases and sells. It is the central source from which product-specific data can be retrieved.

Product information is used in marketing, sales, and service processes. The product master functionality is integrated into various business roles and therefore provides all functionality you require for working with products within the relevant business context.

Product data includes the information required for specific business processes (such as customer inquiries, sales orders, service processes, contracts), and other basic data that essentially describes and categorizes the product. For example:

  • Data of a descriptive nature such as size and weight
  • Data with a control function such as the item category group for determining the item category for each item in an SAP CRM order
    This information is stored in individual product master records. The integration of such data in a single database object eliminates redundant data storage.

Products Help Information:

CRM 7.0 Product Help Information.

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