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This wiki will introduce you to the essential buttons which are much needed in the Account Identification scenario of CRM Web UI.


Interaction Center Agents need an easy way to correct mistakes without saving the wrong data.

Following are the key features of the available buttons for each scenario:

1. The user searches for account, but the search result list does not fit his needs. And the user does not confirm any account but wants to redefine search: - 'Reset' button is used to reset the default criteria of search.


  • Reset Button is used to reset the default criteria of search.

  • The reset button is located only in the search view and that is why is clearing the search information only.

  • Once the account is confirmed the Reset button get disabled.

2. The user searches for account and displayed the wrong account: - 'Clear' button is used to clear all the preset fields.


  • Clear Button is used to clear all the preset fields which are populated by default.

  • The 'Clear' button in Account Identification search screen is meant to reset the search when you picked the wrong account from the result list.

3. The user updates the wrong account by mistake and wants to terminate the changes: - 'Cancel' button is used to abort the changes made to the account.



  • Cancel button gets activated only in edit mode, to cancel the changes without saving the details and does not perform any navigation.
  • After performing the 'Cancel' action, page will remain as it is and will not navigate away from the detail view.

  • The 'Back' button should be used to navigate back to the account identification view


4. The user has confirmed the account and realized it was the wrong account: - 'Clear Interaction' button is used to clear the Interaction record and resets the confirmed account.




  • Clears the Interaction record and resets the confirmed account (business partner/contact person).

  • The button Clear Interaction was introduced so that if the agent makes a mistake, for example confirmed the wrong account, he can then enter in the correct info and confirm it, rather than pressing END which would disconnect the call or END the interaction.

  • Using the Clear Interaction button, it is possible to cancel the confirmed account/contact person and created interaction record until the moment that a dependent business transaction is created (service ticket, sales order) or an email saved/sent.

  • Discarding other transactions such as CRM sales or service transactions is not possible in this way. Depending on the process status, this may be done by choosing Cancel if it is part of the transaction toolbar.

  • If you want to clear the entire context of the session including the business data context, you have to choose the Clear Interaction pushbutton followed by the End pushbutton.

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