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Sorting of result lists

The result lists shall be sorted that the newest objects are first. At the moment most of the result lists are sorted with ID ascending. At the moment the oldest entries are first. It would be great if sorting can be configured in the UI configuration tool for the result lists.

Now Configuration and Personalization of sorting, filtering and fixed columns for tables across the Web Client UI is possible with this note 1855398. But to have access to these new features you must install the relevant service pack as below:
WEBUI 701 SP11
WEBUI 731 SP08
WEBUI 747 SP01

Display details when only one search result is returned

When only one search result is returned i.e. when you search directly for the account id, then the result should be shown directly in the detailed view. It is always annoying when you have only one result and you have to click on another link to see the details. I have this request now in two independent implementation projects.

This feature is provided now for CRM 2007 (6.0), 7.0 and 7.0 EhP1 via SAP Note 1658819 - Direct navigation to object when search criteria is unique.


In PC-UI the user had the possibility to add search results to a personal favourite list. At Siteco our users using that heavily.

With SAP CRM 7.0 EhP1 it is planned to have the possibility of Favourites and Tagging as you can see in the following slide:
I hope that this will allow CRM 5.0 Users to migrate the current favourites to this new structure.

Keep test data for personalized mail testing

When I develop a mail form in the SAP GUI using transaction CRMD_EMAIL and click the test button I get the following Communication Channel Test screen:

When I click on test again, all the values I've entered before are still filled. In contrast in CRM 2007 when I click on the "Test Send" button:

I have to fill the Data every time I open want to do the test. Also the check-box "B2B Scenario" is not available:

This wish is solved by applying the SAP Notes 1449066 and 1544578.

Switch to the next search results in detail view without going back to the result list

When you clicked at the transaction ID in a list of search results like here:

It was possible to switch to another search result by clicking the arrow button in the upper right corner.
That was especially useful to update many opportunities in a short time. Now the user always has to switch back to the search result list and then select the next item.

SAP Published the Note 1867097 - WebClient : Navigate result list from Overview Page (OVP)

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  1. For the first wishlist Display details when only one search result is returned, is this a part of CRM 7.0 ehp1. The Note mentioned talks abt central edit and not the wish list. Is it the correct note?

  2. Hi Gregor, Thanks for making the change so quickly. Its working fine now :)