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This document talks about the SAP CRM WeB UI Feature "Recent Items", the most common issues w.r.t this functionality and the solution avaialble to resolve these issues.


SAP CRM allows to navigate to the items that you have visited most recently in your business role, by using the recent items feature.

The Recent Items block is located in the navigation bar of your business role. It contains links with the item titles, in the order you have visited them. The most recently visited item title appears at the top. If you click a link in the Recent Items block, the item title is highlighted until you navigate to another item. However, the item title is also highlighted if you have searched for the item, for example.


To display the Recent Items block in the navigation bar of your Business Role, you need to define a direct link group with type Recent Items in Customizing for UI Framework under                           Technical Role Definition  Define Navigation Bar Profile  .

This direct link group needs to be enabled in your business role, in Customizing for UI Framework under-> Business Roles -> Define Business Role. 

You can decide if you want to display the Recent Items block in your business role. You can make the necessary entries in the Personalize Navigation Bar dialog. You can start this dialog in the Layout block on the central personalization page by clicking the link Personalize Navigation Bar and choosing Link Type as Recent Items. Here you can also select the number of links to be displayed, by choosing a maximum of 25 entries.

New Feature: Recent Items Filtering

This new feature allows users to quickly filter out their recent activity without having to go through the whole list. Also, the limits on how many recent items that are stored has increased, allowing each object type to have its own limit.

For example, before this feature, if the total Recent Items limit was 5 items, the 6th item is deleted. Now, there will be 5 of each type that is stored in the backend. This way, when the filter is applied, the last 5 of that object type are displayed.

If you wish to use this feature, please ensure following SAP Notes are implemented in your system:

2181937          Recent Items Filtering

2213329          Recent Items resets title and number of filtered items

2304665          Recent Items Dropdown doesn't work when BTF editor is open

Common Issues:

  • Issue: Recent Items is showing message "Loading ..".
    Solution: Refer to SAP KBA 2087632 - SAP CRM WebUI: Recent Items is showing Loading to resolve this issue.

  • Issue:  If the number of Recent Items was decreased in the Personalization Options, the filtered Recent Items list is not reduced.
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2213329 - Recent Items resets title and number of filtered items.


  • Issue:  The icon of Recent Object direct link group is not loading for any skin.
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2171896 - Recent Items Icon not showing.


  • Issue: When the user navigates from Recent Items to surveys, an error message "Recent items; dynamic navigation is not supported by this object" is displayed. 
    Solution: Refer to SAP KBA 1805236 - Error: "Recent items; dynamic navigation is not supported by this object" to resolve this issue. 


  • Issue: Deadlock occurs on Recent Item Table CRMT_RECENT_OBJ.
    Solution: Implement the following SAP Notes:

     #2232607 - Deadlocks occur on table CRMT_RECENT_OBJ when closing browser with mutliple tabs

     #2003602 - Recent Items: Multiple sessions cause CX_SY_OPEN_SQL_DB error dumps when closed


  • Issue: You are using an application based in the Framework UI and you have enabled the “Recent Items” feature. You will observe in some cases the logon takes longer than expected.
    Solution: Implement the following SAP Notes: 

     #1975150 - Asynchronous rendering of Recent Items part 2

     #1968050 - Asynchronous rendering of Recent Items 


  • Issue:You navigate to an overview page and then set filtering/sorting on a table, then from the recent items list, you navigate to another overview page.  The filtering/sorting will either persist or be inconsistent.
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2145842 - Reset on tables when navigating from recent items to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: After refreshing the screen (for example pressing F5) or logging off, some unexpected inconsistences appear in the database or state of business objects.
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2289613 - Recent Items commit affects application objects to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: The fields used for personalizing the "Recent Items" in the "Navigation Bar Links" personalization popup, are not properly alligned. 
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 2241368 - Mis-aligned Navigation Bar Links configuration popup to resolve this issue.


  • Issue:When a recent item is deleted from the backend using either transaction codes, groupware sync or any other mean other than the web interface, the system throws an error by throwing an exception CX_BOL_EXCEPTION.
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 1995198 -Recent Item link throwing exception when deleted from backend to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: When navigating to an Item in the recent items it produces a short dump.
    Solution: Implement SAP Note 1881939 - Recent Items: Short dump when navigating to a recent item to resolve this issue.


  • Issue: If the user tries to "Reset to Default" the Recent Items, the system does not consider these new levels of configuration and always uses the default of 5.
    Solution: Implement the following SAP Notes:

     #1825978 - Reset to Default of Recent Items is incorrect - part 2

     #1824408 - Reset to Default of Recent Items is incorrect





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