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This page will explain the function of the button "Relate to SAP CRM"

MS Outlook Add-In

Relate to SAP CRM is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that is installed with the client groupware integration component and enables you to categorize items that you create in Microsoft Outlook as relevant for SAP CRM. It also enables you to assign CRM accounts, CRM contacts, and CRM business transactions to synchronizable items, as follows:


Assignable Entities


CRM account


CRM account
CRM contact
CRM reference transaction


CRM account
CRM contact
CRM reference transaction

  • No equivalent add-in is available for Lotus Notes.
  • In Lotus Notes, items are related to SAP CRM by assignment of the category SAP CRM
  • The Relate to SAP CRM button is displayed in different ways in different versions of Microsoft Outlook: either in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen or under the menu option SAP CRM at the top of the screen.

Relate to SAP CRM ribbon


When you click the Relate to SAP CRM button, the following happens: 

  • The item is given the category SAP CRM enabling it to be synchronized.
  • The current user is assigned as the employee responsible in SAP CRM.
  • This assignment is shown in the CRM Employee Responsible  screen area of the add-in as a link that points to the employee master data in the SAP CRM WebClient UI.
  • The assigned employee responsible cannot be changed by the user in the Groupware Client 

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