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The purpose of this report:

It's used to improve performance during normal processing of transactions which access org data. Like org data determination during a sales transaction. The report pulls all the data from the normal 'database' tables of HR (ie most information you enter in ppoma_crm transaction,  but not all) and packs it into a 'cluster table' also referred to as buffer table. This makes reading Org data faster in transactions.


This report must be executed everyday past midnight. The word of caution is that the report must be ran at a time when no other transaction/report which might access org data is running.

common issues:

  •  No sales org data available in any of the application like Business Partner, Business Transactions like Sales order.
  • Performance issues.
  • Sales org or sales office or sales group unit not available even after running the buffer update report.
  • It takes long when user tries to select a sales org or tries to assign a Business Partner a sales area.


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