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When creating a service order, you enter a product in item details. Depending on the item category customizing, the field "Resource planning relevant" is determined for the corresponding item. Later if the item category is changed, the field is not updated as per customizing.


The behaviour is a side effect of note 2086184. But let me explain you more on why the note was introduced.

When an item was entered, depending on the particular item category’s customizing, the Resource Planning relevant flag was checked/unchecked. Later if some other item category was chosen, the flag was not updated as per the customizing of new item category chosen.

Ideally, the Resource Planning relevance is set at the item category level and not at individual item level. The Resource Planning relevance has to be automatically read from the customizing as per the item category chosen.

NB: Regarding this flag. The user must not have a control over it than the customizing settings. Since the demand creation and resource allocation is completely under the control of this flag, the user cannot be given the privilege to alter this flag.

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SAP Note 2086184: DISPO_FLG is not updated when item category is changed


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