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In the CRM - People Centric User Interface Forum  Rajanikanth Kristam posted an anwer to the topic "Export Button" coustomize result. Unfortunately his description is hard to follow because the images he is referencing are missing. So here's my description with pictures.


Start Transaction SPRO and click on SAP Reference IMG. Navigate to Customer Relationship Managment -> Basic Functions -> Content Management

Define Document Template Profile

Set up a profile id and description under this configuration heading

Define Document Templates

To insert a Document Template you've created above click on the -Icon and select

Switch to Edit mode and click on the folder icon to create a new folder and type in the name and the description of the folder.

Now select the folder you created, right click and select create, document, excel template (XML).

You will receive the following screen. Here you have to provide the Structure of the PC-UI Application:

Click the green arrow and the following screen will come up. Update the name and insert a description. Click save.

In Excel click Data, XML, XML Source (Only available in Excel 2003 Professional). Now your screen will look as follows:

To get rid of any elements you can click on the element and then select remove element (then the column needs to be manually removed). Or you can just delete the column. Column heading names can also be changed here. Once you have made your changes click save and exit excel. Go back to your SAP GUI session. You will receive the following message.

Click store and it will load your templates on to the SAP system confirm the next screen by checking "Overwrite Old Version" and then click save:

Assign Document Template Profile to Application

Use template for download

Start the Portal at, Logon and Navigate to Account Management -> Accounts:

Click on the Export button and choose the template you like:

Excel is started and the Data should appear in the list.

Problems / Errors

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