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SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is a comprehensive solution for managing your customer relationships.

It supports all customer-focused business areas, from marketing to sales and service, as well as customer interaction channels, such as the interaction center, the Internet, and mobile clients.

SAP CRM is part of SAP Business Suite.

The SAP CRM documentation offers a comprehensive description of the functional scope of SAP CRM, and highlights the relationship between the application and the underlying technologies.


SAP CRM 7.0 Articles

How To Guide: CRM via E-Mail Tool Set This document provides background information on how the CRM can be optimized using the E-Mail Tool Set.

SAP CRM 7.0 Implementation Success Stories


OPUBCO Communications Group


CRM 7.0 Worklists

How to Guides:

How to Configuring SAP CRM 7.0 for download and use of Variant Configuration Products by Vinod Reddy

CRM 7.0 Useful Information

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  1. Unknown User (jgnwumx)

    Useful One

  2. Unknown User (a9ccno2)

    HI Sumit/All

    Thanks for this nice document.

    I have a requirement where i need to display a Z table data in a New Assignment block in a Campaign.

    The Z table has Campaign ID as key field and another 3 fields. The user should be able to Create/Edit/Delete the entries from the Assignment block.

    So, can i follow the above approach which you have given ?

    And one more thing... when i click on your previous blog "Simple Object Creation - Bol/Genil Part" it doesn't open. I think the hyperlink to your previous blog is not working.

    Can you provide me the link for your previous blog "Simple Object Creation - Bol/Genil Part".

    And if we just create simple object and follow the steps given in this blog then is it enough to display/Create/Edit/Delete entries in the New Assignment block in Campaign

    or do we also need to maintain some entries in T code CRMC_MKTIB_IL_CUSTOM for Application CRMD_MKTPL Node Name MKT_CAMPAIGN?

    =====Hi, i have another question. I have created a custom BOL object referring to my Z table. Now I want to create a view which will display along with the Campaign details. But now i am confused whether to create the New Assignment block in the CPGOE_DETAILS component or CPG_MAIN component OR CPGOE_ABLOCKS Component ?

    The current Campaign Header details view is from the component CPGOE_DETAILS component. and rest of the assignment blocks like segments, Campaign Elements are from CPGOE_ABLOCKS. So, can you guide me in which component i should create this New Assignment block ?