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Logistic Integration

Service Order Management (above CRM 7.0)

Introduction to Service Request (above CRM 7.0)

Service Request Enhancements (above CRM 7.0 EhP2 SP7)

Technical information about Checklist in Service Request

SAP Customer Relationship Management help organizations manage the complexities of operating a service business with the following service functions:

  • Multi-channel service to support the integrated delivery of customer service through field representatives, interaction centers, partners, or the Internet
  • Customer service and support to manage and fulfill commitments with efficient service planning and execution in the interaction center, so companies can resolve customer issues quickly
  • Resource planning and optimization to plan long-term resource strategies and optimize short-term scheduling tactics, so resource planners can schedule field service representatives at customer sites based on various parameters
  • Service operations management to support single-tier and multi-tiered service operations by providing tactical and strategic service planning, service administration, transactional support, and operational and financial analytics
  • Service planning and forecasting to establish service plans to actively maintain products, so organizations can forecast planned services and properly assign resources to deliver on customer commitments
  • Professional services to cover the complete client relationship life cycle, plan resources, and manage projects, opportunities, and engagements
  • Service analytics to determine the overall performance of the service organization and the resulting profitability of the service business, so managers can optimize service plans, execution, and forecasts



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