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SAP CRM Transaction Launcher to SAP ERP BOR Objects - Debugging

A lot of customers take advantage of CRM’s launch transaction capability to either launch external URLs (for example or launch BOR Objects in ECC. Below are the steps to debug launch transaction from CRM to ERP:


1. run transaction /nsmicm
2. click on the 3rd icon (services)
3. click on the HTTP
4. magnifying glass
5. get the host name/port
6. in a new session execute transaction se24 -> *abox*impl -> F4
7. click on the Transaction Launcher (CL_UICMP_LT_ABOXEXECUTION_IMPL) 
8. click Display
9. double click IP_INBOUNDPLUG
10. set a breakpoint where you get the ME handler
11. launch WebUI via component workbench or via transaction crm_ui
12. change the beginning of the URL including the port to the one obtained in point5
13. once the breakpoint is hit use F6 key to step through the code until you reach me->handler .... execute past it
and then double click on it to get implementation class of the launch transaction
14. in another session execute transaction se24 put the class name and hit display
15. double click on the me->handler to get the BOR type and also the logical system
16. click on the method prepare_data_flow ... here you will get the input parameters that are being passed to the
launched transaction
16. test the BOR Object in the logical system (ECC)
17. launch transaction swo1 in ECC and test the BOR Object which you obtained in point15


a. in the target sys use transaction se80 and access function group IC_LTXE (for ERP 2005 and up - IC_LTXR for PI systems)
b. double click on the subroutine
c. double click on the USER_COMMAND_0100
d. set a break point on "swc_container_to_runtime gt_swcont."


1. a. b. c.
2. double click on gt_swcont
3. click on table type of for gt_swcont
4. you will get:
          element     type swc_elem,
          tab_index   type swc_index,
          elemlength  type swc_length,
          type        type c,
          value       type swc_value,
the value is the actual string or parameter that is being passed

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (1075xupua)

    Hi Hasan,

    How are you doing? I have found your articles/presentations on the Transaction launcher very useful. Now, I have encountered an issue that does not seem to be described anywhere. Our system runs in an CRM 7 to SAP ISU on ECC6. I am trying to pass parameters back from a front office process to the transaction launcher so I can add the parameter, as an object to the clipboard in the web client. I am not succeeding in doing this. There are basically two things going wrong: 1) The method that processes the returning parameters - IF_CRM_IC_ACTION_HANDLER~PROCESS_RETURN - can not create an entity based on the Object Id I give back 'INSTLN'  and 2)  in class CL_CRM_UI_LTX_ITS_FR_DATA_FLOW, method get_entity_from_container, the gt_container seems to have the wrong data dictionary objects for some additional data in the container. I am wondering where this is determined from.

    I sure hope you can help!

    Cheers, Bas