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There are lots of questions on CRM forums about the most important tables in SAP CRM regarding master data... And I must admit that when I started working on this module I was a little bit confused by the data model. So I began creating a picture of all the tables I used, with their relationships (including GUID_CONVERT sometimes !). And it seems that every people that used my picture was quite happy with it.

Maybe that's something you can find on SDN already, but I don't know where (don't hesitate to tell if you know)... So I think it is now time to share it with the SAP Network Community. Don't hesitate to contact me if you find any mistake (but I've been using it for many years now, so even if it's not complete I think it's pretty solid (smile) )

Author: Nicolas Busson

Created on: 28th of February 2010

The BIG picture of SAP CRM data model


  1. Former Member

    Thanks for this post. This is really helpful.

  2. Unknown User (lvoaar0)

    This is really helpful

    Abdo ABI-ATMI

  3. Unknown User (10122obqm)

    Thats really helpful. Can you suggest how to generate an Industry Specific DataModel , say for FS Account Origination.


  4. Anonymous

    This is wonderful work and much needed for any beginner in CRM. 

  5. Unknown User (sl5jf0v)

    Thank you so much .

  6. Former Member


    I am beginner in SAP CRM Functional, would like to understand the Data modeling of SAP CRM.Could you please share the image to mail id please,





  7. Hi,

    I've just double checked and the link to the picture is working fine... so right click on your mouse and select "download picture" if you want to save it on your computer. No need to send it via email.


    Nicolas Busson.

  8. Thanks, very helpful.