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Aligning your organization around your customers is now more important than ever. Your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams are the front line to the customer. They need to harness your end-to-end enterprise, along with deep customer insight and personalized engagement in order to stand-out from the competition and deliver a relevant experience at every step of the customer journey. Equip your marketing, sales and customer service teams with SAP cloud solutions to win with today’s empowered customers.

  • Know your customers like never before

  • Guide your customer’s journey every step of the way

  • Turn prospects into promoters

This wiki page focuses on SAP Cloud for Customer integration with SAP ERP and SAP CRM on-premise.  This is oftentimes referred to as a hybrid scenario, hybrid landscape, or hybrid deployment of the Cloud application.  Hybrid deployments are normally required if part of the business process happens in the Cloud, the other part happens on-premise.  An example is a sales rep is onsite with a customer, creating a quote, but the order is fullfilled in ERP on-premise.  This requires the Cloud application to integrate with ERP for order fulfillment.   This wiki page provides links to technical how-tos and details of SAP Cloud for Customer integration with on-premsie applications. 

ELearning integration documents:

Integration DEMO(s): 

At you can access all the integration guides.  The following integration guides are on SMP:

  • C4C integration with ERP using SAP NetWeaver PI

  • C4C integration with ERP using SAP HANA Cloud Integration

  • C4C integration with CRM using SAP NetWeaver PI

  • C4C integration with CRM using SAP HANA Cloud Integration

How-To Guides:

SSL configuration: SSL is used for communication from C4C to your on-premise applications.  Additionally, C4C uses X.509 certificates for secure communication.  These how-to guides describe SSL configuration for ABAP, Java, and how to configure X.509 for PI.

PI  Configuration: These how-to guides describe configuration of C4C with ERP or CRM using SAP NetWeaver Process integration:

HCI Integration: This how-to guide describes how to configure C4C with CRM using SAP HANA Cloud Integration.

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    Its good to see all the integration documents for C4C summarized here. Would you be able to do the same for C4C10 so that we can learn something on C4C implementation too? 



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    Helpful document. can you able share more information on C4C 10 course and certification?