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Here SAP Contact Center support team will post an update when new hotfixes are released for SAP Contact Center FP16. Please note that official product information will always be available at 
The purpose of this document is to help you to keep track of what hotfixes have been released. 

To keep this area clean and tidy we ask you to avoid posting questions to this document.
Should you have any questions or concerns related to hotfix content please create a new customer incident under component CRM-CCI or raise a new discussion to the SAP Contact Center Community page.

Note: Most important changes can be reviewed from - (may require login)

Latest hotfixes *

How to download the packages?

  1. Go to the SAP One Support Launchpad
  2. Select "Download" from the drop-down menu, and type 51055343 in the search field
  3. Browse for the reference to FP16.100 Hotfixes 115 - 124
  4. Click on the hyperlink to download

(star) Please note the above material will contain only the files for the below-mentioned hotfixes (FP16.100 Hotfixes 115 - 124)

Hotfix #SAP NoteAffected ComponentsRemarks


3091715CDT, OM and Web ServerImportant bug fixes in CDT, OM and Web Server
(star) 3060221CEM
  • Failed to convert HTML email body to text&
  • Attachment is missing for incoming e-mail in CDT&
  • Old IMAP emails are not deleted from email server&
  • OAuth error blocking email reading from server&
  • Too complex operative database query fails&
  • The call is not re-allocated to the Communication Panel agent after a connection failure
(star) Bridge
  • Unable to hear queue prompts when consulting into a contact center queue
  • Calls are being interrupted after approx. 20 seconds.
(star) 3060212ECF Webserver, Restful Interfaces, Universal Queue, and COWSMultiple Java component fixes
(star) Email reading gets stopped
(star) webclientsXSS issue in Monitoring
(star) status is not correctly synchronized to CCTR
(star) WebserverJava logging component Apache Log4j security issue
(star) WebserverSecurity update & SAP UI5 1.71.23 End of Cloud Provisioning-->update to 1.71.44 (ECF Webserver)

Additional hotfixes:

Hotfix #SAP NoteAffected ComponentsRemarks
Release notes SAP Support for the package Web Server, Restful Interfaces, Universal QueueContact SAP Support for the package included in the note Web ServerContact SAP Support for the package SAP Support for the package included in the note Chain MatcherFiles included in the note included in the note included in the note ASFiles included in the note (Immediate contact anonymization if retention time is empty in the System Configurator)Files included in the note included in the note Agent Server, CEM, Chain Matcher, Chat Server, Monitoring Web Client, SMS Server, Web Client and Web ServerMultiple fixes ServerFiles included in the note:
  • Instant Messaging is not working with SAP CRM integration
  • From the OII, the invite is sent, but there is no ack
  • In CRM, the "Send" button is disabled

Relevant documents for FP16 & FP16 Patch1 release:

2910694 - SAP Contact Center - FP16 - CEM Server: Conversion Tool
2912069 - SAP Contact Center - FP16 - Python upgraded
2926469 - End of support for Basic Authentication access to Exchange Online
2937576 - IVR issue in FP16
2945288 - FP16 Communication Panel translations missing
2967588 - SAP Contact Center - CDT support for Microsoft Edge browser

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