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When troubleshooting SAP Contact Center (AKA BCM), one of the first and most important steps is to check the system logs. CCtr (SAP Contact Center) has a log for almost every component in the suite (see "Software Component Matrix"). These components are the so called core components like CEM "Communication Event Manager" and client-side components like CDT "Communication Desktop".

Logs have different log levels which allow the administrator to define the level of detail needed to be captured for reference (see "Logging Configuration Wizard"). These logs can be read by any simple text editor like notepad or notepad++; however, you may find using our own Blv tool more beneficial as it is lightweight, specially designed for CCtr and can open large files. Log reading could be tricky at times and good log reading skills comes with experience; however, we have tried to make things easier by providing the "Tips for using BLV (BCM Log Viewer)" to help with this.

In addition to the above, you may find the WEBINAR for SAP Contact Center troubleshooting and log diagnostics also useful (see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2405470 ).

Before contacting support, make sure that the error is not caused by configuration or operation error, or environmental condition such as network break. Some configuration and other issues are explained in Knowledge Base articles, they are listed in the SAP Master Note 1867297 for a repository of top SAP Notes and "How To" SAP Knowledge Base Articles.

If you have found a potential issue and need to log an incident to SAP Support, always consider notes 1753539 and 1753607, as this information is vital for us to help you resolve any issue. For additional troubleshooting tips, please check out our Contact Center Help Portal and search for "Troubleshooting".

For common errors and problems while administering SAP Contact Center System Configurator please refer to the "Error Messages" for SC at the online help portal.


Below you will find a links to most common errors captured by component:



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