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This page has moved to the new SCN product space "SAP Hybris Marketing". 





Dear community,

SAP hybris Marketing is the brand new name for the SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence, which in its re-launched version turns into a full-fletched Marketing Suite.

SAP hybris Marketing brings together the power of the well known applications Segmentation (ex ADT), product Recommendation (ex PRI), customer insight (ex CVI) and Marketing Data Management (ex SCI) along with compelling marketing planning and execution features like email campaigns, plus SeeWhy etc.



The purpose of this WIKI is to collect and consolidate all information about SAP hybris Marketing in SCN.

Feel free to contribute to this WIKI.


Ingo Woesner

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SAP hybris Marketing Segmentation (ex ADT)

SAP hybris Marketing Segmentation (ex ADT) allows Marketers to engage customers and convert prospects by running advanced segmentations on large customer populations and distilling insights into targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

SAP hybris Marketing Recommendation (PRI)

SAP hybris Marketing Recommendation (ex PRI) enables Marketers to make context aware, smart product recommendations in real-time during customer conversation across multiple channels, with no manual maintenance, using predictive models.

SAP hybris Marketing Data Management (ex SCI)

SAP hybris Marketing Data Management (ex SCI, now widely extended) allows businesses to unlock sentiment and contact insights from both social media channels and internal, company-owned sources to better target and influence prospects and customers in a variety of ways.

SAP hybris Marketing Insights (ex CVI)

SAP hybris Marketing Insights (ex CVI) provides Sales and Marketing Managers with deeper understanding of their Core, Opportunistic, Marginal and Service Drain customers and helps them position the right products and services to the right customer segments.




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