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Are you sometimes interested in solving a headache in your system rather than building a beautiful landscape?
If yes, please come here, we are born to solve problems. ;)

Do you have such a feeling: SAP support consultants are having completely different way of thinking, do they?
If yes, please come here. You will know more about us who are SAP Support Consutants.

This space is created by SAP Support Consultants. We are having internal learning group sessions nearly every week. We are talking about topics about SAP product either as small as the usage of a flag or as big as how a function works cross products, either as basic as what is the meaning of the word or as advanced as programming logic peeking. As long as we believe it is useful in our technical support/trouble shooting life, we will discuss it. This space is to a selection of these sessions we have so that we can share with SAP colleagues, and also other who might do trouble shooting work.

Brief summary about our purpose: 

- introduce trouble shooting methodology summarized by individual (NOT representing SAP official comments);

- welcome questions and discussions out of SAP support message system;


Please feel free to put your questions by directly editing the article at the bottom, or put your comments.
We will try our best to answer. 

At the moment, we will only cover the following topics, hope we can expand it to more area if you do like it.


- CRM web ui framework (CRM-FRW*, CA-WUI*, etc.)

  Using IE Developer Toolbar with CRM Web UI (skin,style sheet,layout … trouble shooting)  (CRM-FRW-UI-TAG, 20110602)

  New Skin Management Part 1 - An easy way for logo and logo text exchange from CRM7.0 Ehp1  (CA-WUI, 20130605)

  New Skin Management Part 2 - An easy way for CSS files adjustment from CRM7.0 Ehp1  (CA-WUI, 20130606)

  New Skin Management Part 3 - Example about how to change the image above WorkCentre from CRM7.0 Ehp1  (CA-WUI, 20130607)

  How to switch off customer enhancements without disabling customer UI configurations and personalizations (CA-WUI, 20140430)

  How to check and identify whether an issue on CRM WebUI is caused by enhancement of some component or view  (CA-WUI, 20130719)

  How to launch the WebClient UI and IC WebClient from the portal (CA-WUI, CRM-IC-FRW, 20131114)

  A collection: explanation of WCF_CC check result (CA-WUI, 20140410)

  * Add customer report to SALESPRO report not visible (CA-WUI, 20140903)

  * Cross Navigation Link not displayed in BI report from CRM web UI (CA-WUI-BI, 20141007)

 - CRM interaction center - webclient (CRM-IC*, CRM-BF-ML, etc) 

  From ITS to Transaction Launcher (CRM-IC-ABO, BC-FES-ITS, 20110826)

  ITS & Transaction launcher debugging  (CRM-IC-ABO, BC-FES-ITS, 20110907)

 Call List Generation Considering Calling Hours  (CRM-IC-CAL, 20120228) 

 Inbox search 1 - Searching E-Mails (INT) by Assigned To "my group" in CRM IC  (CRM-IC-UNI, 20130617)

 Inbox search 2 - searching E-mails (INT) by assigned to "org.unit" IC Webclient (ERMS)  (CRM-IC-UNI, 20130617)

 Problem when searching by 'valid from' and 'valid to ' or timeframe on CRM WebUI (CRM-BTX-ANA-RFW, CRM-IC*, 20130617)

* means the most newly published