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Input Help & Search Help can be used to search for values for individual field. The corresponding field determines whether the input help or the search help launches.

If you double-click fields with an input help, or use the backspace key in an empty field with input help, you can see your last five entries in this field. Your most recent entry appears at the top of the list that is displayed below the input field.

Such an Input help is known as a Smart Input Help or commonly known as Smart Value Help (SVH).

When you make a new entry in this field, and when you then take further action, such as navigating to another page, the new entry becomes the topmost entry in the dropdown list for this input field.

You can use report SVH_DELETE_LAST_ENTRIES to delete the entries of any user in the smart input help.


You can customize the smart input help in Customizing for UI Framework under Technical Role Definition -> Define Parameters. The corresponding parameter is SVH_DISABLED, with the following parameter values:
(You can also refer to KBA 1821509 - How to activate Smart Value Help in SAP CRM WebUI)

  •  L: Last Value Only
  •  B: Background search only
  •  X: Disable the input help completely
  •  <Empty>: Last values and background search together

Users can disable the smart input help for performance reasons, for example, or they can delete all entries that have been saved for the user. They can do so on the central personalization page under the layout settings. In this case, the smart input help needs to be enabled in Customizing; otherwise the indicator is not available in the layout settings.

Common Issues

Note: After the implementation of the any note, please ensure to clear the caches as per SAP Note 2050322 - Clearing Caches

  1. For Input Help (F4 Help) Popup Size Issues, please refer to Section Popup Size/Resizing Issues with browser IE 11 under Common Issues with IE 11 Browser.


  2. Users are not getting the option of viewing the last entered values on backspace for normal fields i.e. without Search help (F4 Input Help).

    Solution: Refer to SAP KBA 2320593 - SAP CRM WebUI: Last entered values are not displayed.


  3. Last 5 entries are not shown when space/backspace is pressed or upon Double Click.

    Solution: Ensure that the following SAP Notes are implemented in your system:

    2163331          Last five entries are not shown when pressing the space key

    2131101          Smart value help dropdown list is hidden upon entry of space character

    2118511          Last entries not triggered at Back-Space or double-click

    2051369          Smart Value Help keyup event-handler is not called

    1895358          SVH selection handler not called on-ENTER


  4. Cursor in Input Field moves to the End.

    Solution: Refer following SAP Notes to resolve this issue:

    1894100          Deleting characters in the middle of an input field make cursor

    1835756          Smart Value Help: cursor in input field moved to the end


  5. Text overwritten in input field when SVH entry is highlighted.

    Solution: Following SAP Notes needs to be implemented:

    2124217          Text overwritten in input field when SVH entry highlighted, part 2

    2116819          Text overwritten in input field when SVH entry highlighted, part 1


  6. Elementary Search Help in WebUI does not work. A script error "unable to get value of the property 'value' of undefined or null reference " is encountered.

    Solution: SAP Note 2104477 - Cursor moves back after roundtrip due to losing focus during the roundtrip, part 2 needs to be implemented to resolve this issue.


  7. When special characters are used in Smart Value Help, e.g. German umlauts, no value is found, even when such records do exist and are returned from the backend through AJAX calls; When BTF Editor is presented on the page, SVH doesn't work anymore.

    Solution: SAP Note 2062689   SVH: Opening and Searching via German Umlaut needs to be implemented.


  8. An ASSERTION_FAILED runtime occurs when users try to close an F4 Help Popup.

    Solution: Following SAP Notes needs to be implemented to resolve the above issue.

    1961435          Unnecessary rendering of layout when popup is to be closed

    1839251          Javascript error when closing popup

    1792777          Passing the data collection from the OP on Popup close


  9. Java script error 'Type mismatch' is shown when you are trying to open a F4 help popup on Web Client UI in Internet Explorer 8.

    Solution: SAP Note 2112210 - CANCEL-Search for events other than "SEARCH", part 3 resolves this issue.


  10. When the data loss popup shows up, clicking on Yes and No options does not do anything.

    Solution: SAP Note 2066407 - Buttons of the data loss handler are disabled resolves the above issue.


  11. Using Internet Explorer 9, you select an entry in a F4 help popup using the row selector. The browser will crash.

    Solution: SAP Note 2048222 IE9: Crash after selecting an entry in a F4 help popup resolves the above issue.


  12. CL_THTMLB_CELLERATOR error in F4 help pop ups..

    Solution: SAP Note 1857532 - CL_THTMLB_CELLERATOR error in pop up resolves the above issue.


    Notes that introduced new features with respect to Smart Value Help.

    2149887 Smart Value Help: Delete Last Entries and Personalization Options

    2002900 Support of type-ahead functionality in WEBCUIF


  13.  SVH table has columns with equal widths, making certain data unreadable. You also might notice that the table header is taking up two rows instead of one.

     Solution: Implement SAP Note 2300538 - Dynamic column width for Smart Value Help.


     14.   Upon opening a popup where the content of the popup is bigger than the size. it is observed there is no scrollbar hence you are not able to see the full content until you resize the popup.

             Solution: Implement SAP Note 2294475 - Missing scrollbar on Popup in IE.


     15.   You are using WebClient UI and you open a popup. Then you can observe, the size of the popup is not proper, you could not see the full content without using scrollbar.

             Solution: Implement SAP Note 2308437 - Default size of the popup is incorrect in some cases to resolve this issue.


     16.    In the WebClient UI, when a user goes to Personalize --> Personalize Layout, a popup appears. Sometimes the last 2 "Performance Setting" options appear on the same line (if the popup window is wide enough), and sometimes the checkbox for the last option is not rendered correctly.

              Solution: Implement SAP Note 2263194 - "Personalize Layout" options are popup misaligned.


     17.    When using a table, clicking on (Custom...) does not bring up the custom filter popup.

               Solution: Implement SAP Note 2271771 - Table: custom filter popup does not appear.


Related SAP Notes/KBAs


2248594          Google Chrome does not support the modal popup

2172142          Workbench Runtime rep. editor: Popup for req. IF view

2147911          Smart Value Help: Multi-handling support

2143511          F4 help having parameters starting with '/' doesn't work

2122072          F4 popup opens twice on quick ENTERs

2115868          Input help error of the interface view field in the UI Component Workbench application create component usage screen

2058432          Dump if popup is closed with Alt+F4

2052012          When enter or F4 help triggers round-trip the old value is populated from the Automatic Save Feature

2006700          F4 help- Selection criteria with empty values is created when default values exists in help definition

1946367          F4 Value help trigger submit does not occurs when the F4 value help popup is closed

1921973          IE error when pressing F4 search help repeatedly

1921305          All or most F4 search help pop ups on WebUI do not work anymore, a bsp error with popup is displayed

1920782          java script error "Invalid argument" on Web UI

1894158          Internet Explorer 10 Java script errors related to popup windows and DDLB sizing



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