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1. Click Personalize hyperlink:

2. Click hyperlink "Personalize Settings", enable checkbox "Enable configuration mode":

3. Enter service order detail page, click configuration icon:

4. The UI parts which can be extended by AET is highlighted. Choose the part "General Data"   

Click "Create Field":

Since we need to put the new field into General Data - header of Service order, so we choose Header part.

5. Maintain field label, field type as text, and field length = 20. Choose "Search & Result List" from drop down list, which means you want the new fields also to be supported in search view and search result view. After finish click Back button.

6. Now you should find the new field created just now in the fields table with yellow light in status column. Click Save and Generate button.

7. The popup window is displayed to maintain the transport request:


8. After generation finished now the field is ready to be added into the UI. Click edit icon to enter UI configuration adaptation mode.
Click button "Show Available Fields":

locate the new field "city name" from Available Fields list and add it to the UI via add icon: 

Now the field is already added to the detail UI:

9. Now you can maintain the content of new field: 

10. repeat the steps to add the new field also in search view and search result view:

And now the new field is also displayed in search view and search result view.

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