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1. Checklist

With checklists all individual tasks (“steps“) required to fulfill a service request can be defined and processed:

  • Sequential and parallel processing visualized by graphical process flow
  • Determination of checklist and checklist processors via rules
    If Checklist is not determined as expected, please refer to below SAP KBA 
    2053717 - How to configure Auto Checklist Steps Determination
  • SAP Workflow integration to inform step processors
  • Work instructions, action processing, long text available in step details
  • Checklist specific search criteria in search pages and IC inbox
  • Available for service requests / incidents, problems, requests for change, service orders

2. Checklist Steps Enhancements

You can use additional fields for the administration of checklists.

The creation and the completion date are filled automatically.

The following dates can be filled automatically based on the values defined in the Response Profile. This function enables you to schedule tasks according to the specifications that are defined in the service level agreement.

  • ŸPlanned Start Date
  • ŸPlanned End Date

In addition to the Comment and Work Instruction text types, a new text object is available for the checklist steps. You can use it to edit an additional internal note.

You can add the following new fields to the columns of the checklist step overview:

  • ŸAdditional note
  • ŸWork instruction

In these columns, the first characters of the related texts are displayed. In the tooltip, you can read the whole text.

You can now search for service requests with attributes of the checklist step.

If you change the status of a service request to confirmed, you can now close the remaining checklist steps.

3. Technical information

ComponentCRM-BTX-SRQ-BF-CKLChecklist for Services
PackageCRM_UIU_SRV_REQ_MGMT_CHKLSTWebClient UI: Checklist

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