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General Information


The BAdI CRM_MKTPL_OL_ASG can be used to implement additional processing for assignments in trade promotion management. The BAdI is called for each individual assignment, such as product or date assignment.

Interface Methods


Each assignment has a certain check logic. In case the check is too restricitive the same can be turned off using the BAdI method CHANGE_CHECK_MODE.

In method CHANGE_CHECK_MODE the CHECK_MODE needs to be set to 'N' to skip the check..




The check_before_create method is called on creating any assignment. With setting the parameter EV_REJECT_CREATE within the BAdI implementation the assignment is not created.  


The check_before_delete method is called on deleting any assignment. This may be used to introduce further checks. In case the application does not allow to delete any TP assignment, the BAdI cannot be used to overrule the application.



The copy_before method can be used to skip copying of a specific assginment. This can be used for example to prevent the funds plan to be copied from the source promotion, while copying trade promotions for a new fiscal year. 


This needs to be done with creating a BAdI implementation for assignment FPLAN and setting the reject_copy flag.



The SET_ATTRIBUTES_BEFORE interface is called before each assignment is created. The CS_ATTRIBUTES_NEW parameter can be used to change values for the assignment. 


Known Issues


Trade Spend Assignment


2313428  Potential short dump in Trade Spends BAdI

2279428  TPM: BADI is not called while deleting Trade spends for future TPs with released status

2181744 Error "Cannot add or modify retroactive off-invoice trade spend "in Trade promo


Product Assignment 


1886121 BAdI method SET_ATTRIBUTS_BEFORE not called for QE_PRODDIM

1814012 Mass adding the product categories to TPM failed


General (assignment independent) Issues


2193438  No Check (CHECK_MODE = 'N') scenario is not handled in method CHECK of class CL_CRM_MKTGS_ASG_COLLECTION


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