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About Trade Promotion Management: (One's Perspective)

Who, What and Why focus on using trade promotion Management ?

In simple terms - Trade promotion management deals with whole cycle of planning, executing, reporting, and analysis of trade spends. Next question is what is Trade spends - They are temporary price reduction,rebates, freed goods etc. which are offered to retailers( later to consumers via reatailers) to generate extra demands for manufacturers goods.

Next is why and who part? 

My take is - Trade promotion management is important for any organization, which is working with big and small retailers to promote their products. The prime example companies will be CPG companies from across the categories - Home & Personal care, Food & Beverages, and health care etc. Infact any company whos products are on the retailer's shelf will be concerned about Trade Promotion Management. Companies spend billions of dollars to promote their products and some times forced to spend to protect their market share as rivals are promoting but the trobuling point is that nobody is sure whether they brought the desired results.

To be precise, companies don't know which promotion worked and which did not and that's why they need a tool for trade promotion management where they can plan their spends, track and report. This should given them extra intelligence to better use their dollars.

SAP's Trade Promotion Management as part of SAP CRM really fits the bill and new release SAP CRM2007 has brought lots of new enhancement in Trade Promotion Management comapred to the functionalities in CRM 5.0. I had opportunity to work and interact with some companies which are using SAP TPM and are keen to use TPM. They are are loving SAP focus on TPM.

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