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To list numerous transaction codes, tables, reports and tools available in CRM and in ECC in connection to CRM.


It is intended to list handy transaction codes, tables, reports and tools that can take a while to find when needed, some can be  BC related or Cross Application.


See list below:

By no means is this list complete yet (20th of January 2015), it is aimed to help new starters in CRM  or list also Cross Application tips. Based on your feedback we will add more details , any comment is welcome.  content link. Please hyperlink the title of the related document
TAR3ASSTART Initial   load i.e. for  BUPA_MAIN (source site OLTP, destination CRMCRM
TAR3AC1Adapter Object Overview  CRM
TAR3AC3Initial load (customizing   objects)  CRM
TAR3AC4Object Class activation CRM
TAR3AC5Condition objects  CRM
TAR3AM1 Monitor Load Objects CRM
TAR3AR2Request header overview CRM
TAR3AR3Monitor requests CRM
TAR3AR4Request start CRM
TAR3AR2 Requests  CRM
TASMW01Listing and display of bdocs CRM
TASMW02Display Bdoc Messages summary  CRM
TASMW02ABDoc Message Error analysis CRM
TASMQSARFC Monitor for Systems Registration of   SystemsCRM
TASMQRQRFC Monitor Registration of   Queues CRM
TASMWPCRM Middleware cockpit  CRM
TASDIMA CRM Data Integrity Manager to compare content between EC and   CRM CRM
TASMQ2 Inbound Queue in CRM  CRM
TASMQ1 Outbound Queue CRM and ECC  CRM
TASM59 Create/maintain RFC destination i..e between CRM and   ECC CRM/ECC
TAR3AM1Monitor  CRM
TASMOEAC Administration console CRM subscriptions for   ECC and Mobile destinations CRM
TASMWMFLOWDisplay of Workflow statisitcs CRM
TASMWTMiddleware trace  CRM
TACRM_TAXCUST_VALIDATE      Tax check for partner and products per country CRM
TASUIMUSer information system t-code  for Roles, profiles, Authorizations  and Autho.objects... CRM/ECC
 TASU01 User Maintenance  any
TASU21 Maintenance of Authorisation objects  CRM/ECC
TASNOTE Note assistant to implement notes or check if they are implemented CRM/ECC
TASE95 Modification browser handy to list modifications of a system CRM/ECC
TASM13 Update Requests  any
TA SM37 Simple Job Selection  any
TASM58RFC transaction checks   errors and locks CRM/ECC
 TASM02  System Messages  any
 TASM04 User Sessions for AS  any
 TAAL04 System-Wide List of User Sessions in SAP System  any
 TASM21 Display the System Log  any
 TASM59 Configuration of RFC connections  CRM/ECC
TA SM50 Work Processes of AS  any
 TASM51 AS Instances of SAP System  any
 TASM66  Global work process overview  CRM/ECC
  Status management   
 TABS02 Change Status Profile  CRM
 TABS03 Display  Status Profile  CRM
 TABS22 Change mode for System Status    CRM
 TABS23 Display Mode for System Status  CRM
TA BS32 Business Transaction Status maintenance Change mode  CRM
TABS33 Business Transaction Status maintenance display mode  CRM
TAWE19Test tool for IDOC processing  CRM/ECC
TBCRMCONSUM Destination for CRM   system in ECC in CRM for ECC   destination CRM
TBCRMRFCPAR RFC connections from   ECC to CRM  in CRM for ECC destination CRM
TBSMOF_ERPSH RFC connectionsfrom   CRM to ECC  in CRM for ECC destination CRM
TBSMOFDSTAT Load objects   table  in CRM for ECC destination CRM
TBCRMCONSUMPossible Users of R/3   Adapter FunctionalityIn ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMRFCPARDefinitions for RFC   ConnectionsIn ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMSUBTABSubscription Table   for Up and Download ObjectsIn ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMFILTABFilter Criteria for   Download (SMOFFILTAB)In ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMFILFLDPermitted Table   Fields for Filtering (SMOFFILFLD)In ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMPAROLTP       CRM OLTP ParameterIn ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBTBE31            Publish &   Subscribe BTE: SAP EnhancementIn ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMKUNNR         Mapping Table   Business Partner – Customer In ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMPARNR         Mapping Table   Business Partner Relationship - Contact PersonIn ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBCRMQNAMES        Queue Name Management   for CRM-QRFC SupplyIn ECC to link CRM   system ECC
TBSMOF_ERPSH  ERP-Site Header   tableIn CRM to link   ECC System CRM
TBSMOFPARSFAMiddleware ParameterIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBSMOFFILTABFilter criteria for   CRM-Download (CRMFILTAB)In CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBSMOFFILFLDAllowed fields for   Filter definition (CRMFILFLD)In CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBSMWAFILTAB       History table for   table SMOFFILTABIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBSMOFOBJECT       Definition of Objects   for DownloadIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBSMOFTABLES       Definition of Tables   for DownloadIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBSMOFINICON       Flow Contexts in   Initial Download depending on Site TypesIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBSMW3FDCUST       Customer-Specific   FlowIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBTBE31            Publish &   Subscribe BTE: SAP EnhancementIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBCRMM_BUT_CUSTNOMapping Table   Business Partner – CustomerIn CRM to link ECC   System CRM
TBBUT000BP: General dataPartner Master data CRM
TBSMOKNA1          General Data in   Customer Master CRM
TBSMW3BDOCIF       BDoc Type Specific   Flow Attributes CRM
TBSMW3FDCUST       Customer-Specific   Flow (SMW3FDCUST-Active: mobile bridge) CRM
TBTRFCQOUT         tRFC Queue   Description (SMQ1 Outbound Queue) CRM
TBTRFCQIN         tRFC Queue   Description (SMQ2 Inbound Queue) CRM
 TB CRMD_ORDERADM_H document header table for sales and service documents CRM
 TB CRMD_ORDERADM_I document item table for sales and service documents CRM


 Status table by using GUID CRM
TASE11 Table dictionary    Display  any 
TASE12Table dictionary   allowing Edit any
TASE16Table content  any 
 TASE19 BADI builder any
 TA SE24 Class Builder i.e. to display a methodany
 TASE37   Display, change, create function module any
 TASE38Program Abap Editor Display and Change   any
TASM30 Maintenance of   table  any 
TASMCL Cross System lock   logs CRM and ECC 
TASM12Lock entry list  CRM and ECC 
TA ST03 Workload Monitor  Any
TA  /h Switching  on debugging  any
 TA RZ20 CCMS Monitor Sets  Cross System Monitoring any
SE38CRM_ORDER_READto read the main   table contents relevant for an order or document CRM
SE38 CRM_ODE_CHECK_CFGReport to check the BTX-BF-IF interface settings as per note 490932CRM
SE38  RSSTATUS Information on TADIR tableto identify the component of a t-code, table or program CRM/ECC
TAANST Automated Note Search   and Customer code detection tool  CRM and ECC 
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