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When a lead transaction gets saved in SAP CRM, a follow up activity meeting request with the lead needs to get triggered automatically after two days.

How to configure the solution?

In SAP CRM the above functionality can be configured using the combination of action profile and date profile.

Transaction code



IMG- CRM- Basic Functions- Actions- Actions in Transaction-Change Actions and Conditions-Define Action Profiles and Actions

Step 1: Actions are the activities which a sales representatives are recommended to perform when the lead gets saved in the system. Define the action profile as shown below and maintain the action definition which are shown below with the description. 

Note: ZMT1 in this scenario is the desired transaction type and assign the action profile to the transaction lead.
Step 2: Define Date rule and assign the date rule to the date profile, date rules controls the time and date of the activity creation.

Transaction code



IMG-CRM-Basic Functions-Date Management-Define Date Types, Duration Types and Date rules



Note: Standard Date Rule TNS_TD+28 Days copied to ZTNS_TD+2 and the code logic is also changed.
The code for  time is also changed to now.

Step 3: Assign the date rule to the date profile which is created.

Step 4: Assign the date rule to the order planned date.

Step 5: Assign the date profile to the transaction activity, meeting request with customer.

Step 6: In CRM Web Ui the lead transaction gets created and saved, with today's date.

Step 7: Click on transaction history in the lead transaction,the activity meeting request has got created post two days,

Step 8: Open the activity the time has also updated in real time.

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  1. Hi Atul, thank you very much for this nice wiki and its very useful.  May I know what is the condition (schedule/start) you have maintained for this Action definition and how did you maintain the condition parameters to get it triggered after two days(date type)?  Please explain me.