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Standard access

You can start using the WebUI with the ‘standard’ start URL, like:


After logon, you maybe have to select the proper business role and then you navigate to the function you need.
It is possible to add more parameters into the URL to get direct access to the role, function or object you need to access.

Direct logon with credentials

You can add parameters for the logon screen:

Example: http://<HOST>:<PORT>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_start/default.htm?sap-client=100&sap-user=XXX&sap-password=YYY&sap-language=EN

Note: Before the first parameter you have to add a ‘?’. Any other parameter you add is preceded by a ‘&’.
You can skip parameters when they have been defaulted by system or personal settings already, like client and logon language. Replace client number, language, XXX and YYY with your own credentials.
Be aware, sending your user/password over http can be seen by system administrators or IT-experts that trace traffic to a host. So be careful when you do so.

You can add parameters to start the WebUI with a specific business role and even a logical link:


Note: Next to the name of the logical link, the business role is required. A logical link could be called from different business roles. For each role the link could be configured in a different way.

Direct access to an object

Parameters to add:
crm-object-type         (for example BT126_APPT)
crm-object-action      (A = search, B = display, C = Edit, D = create)
crm-object-value       (= guid)

Example: http://<HOST>:<PORT>/sap/bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_start/default.htm?sap-client=020&sap-language=EN&sap-domainRelax=min&crm-object-type=BT126_APPT&crm-object-action=B&crm-object-value=4CF536DA49750074E1008000097E28D5

Note: Such URL could be useful when it is included in an e-mail, for example to notify someone about a CRM object. Add the object type as defined in the navigation profile (OP mapping) together with the action and the GUID of the object.

Final remarks

The service ’uif_logon’ is shortcut (alias) for ‘bc/bsp/sap/crm_ui_start’ (as of release CRM 7.0); both can be used

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  1. Former Member


    Thanks for this very helpful information. This works great.

    BTW;  its crm-object-type=  AIC_OB_INCIDENT  for Incidents SMIN     AIC_OB_CMCD for Changes (CHARM - Docs) SMHF,SMMJ...

    can be found by pressing F2 in the Browsersession of CRM Web UI






  2. Former Member

    Hi Toine,

    thanks for sharing these nice tricks with the public.

    First time I used the quick access jumping directly into a business role from another active business role it worked in an earlier version of SolMan but since 7.1 SP11 it seems there have been changes which lead to make this stop working. I guess it has to do sth. with cache-mgmt. A previous logout leads to a working quick access but it worked without logging out earlier.

    Is there a new workaround for this?

    Even more of a nice feature would be having a drop-down-list in the header of each business role whereby you can directly jump into the various roles but I think I have to address this directly to SAP (or try to code it on my own but then again the "?saprole="-link doesn't work no more atm). (smile)

    Kind regards

    S. Bilge

  3. The links above seem to work only inside our VAR partner network. What if we would like to add a link directly to incident so that our customer could reach the incident directly. Sofar we have only been able to provide them with a lin to the SolMan logon?

  4. Thanks for the documents, we would like to access or publish our ITSM URL outside of our organization that is on Internet, so that our customer can also access and create the incidents on the URL, can you kindly guide me how to achieve this requirement? what type of change I need to adapt in my firewall or in network to publish the URL over internet. ?

    your quick reply will be highly appreciable.



  5. Hello Team,


    Good Day.


    Followed this link for generating a Service Request URL .



    Still i am not able to acehive the functionality.  I am able to open business role.


    Can any one please help me out on opening service request or url for service request.


    Thanks in advance,




  6. Former Member

    Hi Toine , great info.

    I'm getting an error when i'm trying to directly log on using the URL which you gave "Logon cookie check failed repeat logon" and also "Logon with URL parameters not possible,logon cookie is missing.Please help.

    Thanks and regards.

  7. Regarding the section on 'Direct access to an object' above, for generating direct links to specific transactions within the Web UI, the functionality provided with note 2450681 - "Share Link Feature to Copy URLs" can be used instead.

    The new button that was introduced with this note generates the link to the specific document