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Some of the standard feature sof Web Ui can be controlled through customization as well eg: Export To Excel, Max search etc.

Author(s): Harshit Kumar 

Company:   Accenture
Created on:   24th Mar, 2010
Author(s) Bio: Harshit Kumar is working with Accenture on Projects involving CRM Implementations. 


Not every requirement needs a development change. There are few options available in SPRO Customiosation as well so that development time can be best utilized elsewhere. Some of the standard features that can be controlled are mentioned below.

  • Disable the export to a spreadsheet icon
  • Increasing the maximum number of search hits from default value 100 to any other value
  • Changing the order of the links in the Search, Create, and Reports blocks in the work centers
  • Disabling the Smart Value Help functionality
  • Disabling the client-based groupware synchronization
  • Changing the default number of rows in the message area and the type of message Area
  • Automatically navigating to the overview page if there is a unique hit in any search

Step 1: From the SPRO Customization go to Customer Relationship Management > UI Framework > Technical Role Definition > Define Parameters. 

By default these are some standard features which will behave as per this customization setting all across CRM. Incase there is any need to chnage such behavior one can chnage it here and then it would be reflected all across.
Step 1: Creation of New Profile Definition - Click on Profile Definition and create a new Profile Definition as shown below.

Step 2: Now assign Parameter as shoown below to this newly created Profile.

Step 3: Now from SPRO traverse to Customer Relationship Management > UI Framework > Business Roles > Define Business Role. Seelct a role and assign Function Profile as shown below.

Now launch the CRM Web UI using ServicePro role. Max Hit would be 500 instead of 100.