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This is the installation instruction for the Export to Spreadsheet (Excel, .xlsx) with abap2xlsx functionality. If you want to read the background story why this was created check out this blog post: WebClient UI Export to Spreadsheet with abap2xlsx.


Before you can install the class ZCL_CHTMLB_TAB_EXCEL_EXPORT using SAPLink, you have to install the latest abap2xlsx version. Here you find the abap2xlsx Installation Guide. Please also read the comments in the guide.

Setup Export to Spreadsheet with abap2xlsx

Now you can get the repository and install it using abapGit. After the activation of the class you have to create this service using transaction SICF:

After you've created the new service switch to the External Aliases in SICF and create this alias (/sap/webcuif/uif_export_tab) and point it to the target handler created above:

Now start the CRM Web UI, execute a search and click on the Export to Spreadsheet button.


  1. Former Member

    Hello Gregor,

    Nice work . Is it possible to format the cell content using this approach?

    I have a requirement with Excel to export of table view , to display a cell value with notes like below.



    But in the CSV file it is presented as below : -test1 - test2 -test3

    Please suggest if formating of string is possible in this case .


    1. Please check out ZDEMO_EXCEL14. You're welcome to send me a patch for the class you can download here.