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A common use scenario why we should know this point

Customer creates their own extension fields manually without awareness that the extension field creation could simply be done via Application extension tool(AET). 
After they are told by consultant, customer would like to replace the manually created extension fields with those done via AET. 
1. Move focus on extension field "CCTV", identify its technical name ZZBFLD0000NX
2. use tcode AXTREG, choose PRODUCT as enhanced business object, double click "BO Parts":
record down the name of field enhancement place
3. All extension fields created by AET will be put into the enhancement place as example below. click icon for where use list search:
Note the first structure CRM_EXT_MAT_DATA:
Do the where use list search on it instead:
4. Check whether CRM_EXT_MAT is what we look for:
first find product 's uuid: 005056935F031ED0AE82782D93D64D42 from table comm_product:
Then we can see extension field stored in this table is exactly the same as what we found in UI, so it is confirmed this database table stores the extension fields transaction data. Now it is ready to develop data migration reports to move the extension field data from customer's manual extension fields to AET fields. 
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