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1. Archiving 概括

一张订单想要在CRM系统里archive 掉,需要分别在R/3里也把它archive掉。在两个系统之间,不存在关于archiving的数据交换。.

下边是和Archivint 相关联的 status

Transaction BS23:

To view the archiving objects available, use transaction AOBJ
Examples:        CRM_ACT_ON       CRM Activity
                       CRM_OPPT            CRM Opportunity
                       CRM_SALDOC       CRM Sales Transaction

Double click on the object name to see the relevant reports/programs for each step of the archiving process
1. CRM_ARC_SALDOC_CHECK - pre-processing
2. CRM_ARC_SALDOC_SAVE - Archiving

TA code: CRMORDERARC displays the residence time

TA code SARA can be used to run the archiving programs. This is a Basis transaction and uses jobs, so makes it difficult to debug the process. It is better to run the reports directly from SE38.

It is possible in TA SARA, to set a flag to run the next job immediately e.g. to run the delete program immediately after the archiving run

After running the reports in SE38, note that the log can be displayed only once. So once accessed, it is not possible to reopen the log and view the data again.


Sales order: 5006858
GUID: 085606DDB29A44AF97F385CB7263C7EE

Step 1: Pre-Processing Step:

Run the report using TA SE38
Enter Transaction Type and Transaction Number
First run in Test mode and check 'Detail Log'
If the log report is OK, change to Production mode and execute

SE16, table CRM_JEST
Confirm that the status I1100 ARCR (Can be archived) is set


Example logs

First run not successful due to an open preceding document::
Log displaying successful completion of pre-processing step:


Step 2: Archiving Step

As above, run this report from SE38 and enter relevant transaction type and number
Report should first be run in Save mode and once OK, then in Production mode.

Afterwards status I1101 DelA (Archived) should be displayed in table CRM_JEST

Step 3: Deletion Step

There is no option to select a particular document here. The report selects all objects with status I1101 DelA and deletes them. It then sets status I1102 DELT (Deleted) for the object.

Ta code SARI: Archive Information System
The main program only runs for orders that are already deleted from the database.
To view orders that are only archived and not deleted, choose menu option Archive Infrastructure -> Ad-hoc Evaluation
This simulates the reading of orders from the archive 


View when selecting CRM Sales Trans:

Technical View:

All Function Modules related to archiving end in _AC

Ta code AS_AFB (archive file browser)
You can use the Archive File Browser (AFB) to display the contents of archive files
This is only available with 5.0 (or new basis release)

Useful Note: 996154

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