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RESIST Project Template

In each of the following Corruption Field Examples, a Case Study is provided where the situation is described and resolved.  Your help is requested in the scenario for collaboration.  Use the templates for guidance and provide your input through the comments tab.

The format looks like this:

Case Study Name:     

One sentence title of corruption scenario

Case Study Description: 

Short scenario description and summary including desired outcome

Demand Prevention Tactics:

How to reduce probability of the demand being made- tactics, negative consequences

Response to Demands:

How to implement methods of refusal - disclosures, collective actions

The scenario for collaboration by the community is as follows:

Case Study Name:     

A Fee is Demanded by the Local Government Agency for Technical Approval of Equipment

Case Study Description:  

The situation seems harmless but in fact it can be a typical form of extortion in weakly regulated markets and it may come in the form of an unreasonable demand that threatens business continuity. The easy thing maybe to pay but this may violate regulations in the home market and encourage further deterioration of the business climate locally.

Demand Prevention Tactics:

[Your Help is Requested Here]

Response to Demands:

[Your Help is Requested Here]

3 Field Examples of Corruption 

Use the examples below to help populate the template above.  The following examples provide practical guidance for companies to deal with (1) bribery demand prevention, and (2) responses to a bribery demand in the following scenarios. (Source: ICC and PWC)

First Case Study:      Last minute Solicitation in the Context of a Procurement Contract
Second Case Study:  Gifts and Hospitality with Prospective Clients
Third case study:     A Country Imposes Joint-Venture With a Local Company with High Corruption Risk

Additional Case Example and Guidelines: Resisting Extortion and Solicitation in International Sales and Transactions

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  1. Former Member

    Service contracts for goverment. Undue allowance.
    The goverment gets some financial support from international entities ( World Bank, United Nations, etc ) for programs for development. Some of those programs can include hire some professionals. Corrupt politicians give those contracts to friends and relatives who never go to work.

  2. Former Member

    Not equal opportunities for business information.
    Usually, sellers from software companies are close to customers, looking for some opportunity to sell their products, in that process they can also detect opportunities for services. Some service partners have the benefit of that information depending of their confidence with sellers.

  3. Guest

    Practically speaking it is difficult to refuse customers as it may spoil the commercial relationships.An idea I can think of is,'Gifts and policies' of a company should be outsourced to a third party .So when ever such circumstances arise instead of you directly dealing with your customer you can have this third party deal with them (as per policy).This third party can talk about financial things comfortably with the client.In this way there are more probabilities that you help your customers as well as you dont loose them.