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GRI G3 Society Indicators

Look at complete GRI Indicator Protocols Set Society


SO1 core
Nature, scope, and effectiveness of any programs and practices that assess and manage the impacts of operations on communities, including entering, operating, and exiting.


SO2 core
Percentage and total number of business units analyzed for risks related to corruption.
SO3 core
Percentage of employees trained in organization's anti-corruption policies and procedures.
SO4 core
Actions taken in response to incidents of corruption.

Public Policy

SO5 core
Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying.
SO6 additional
Total value of financial and in-kind contributions to political parties, politicians, and related institutions by country.

Anti-Competitive Behavior

SO7 additional
Total number of legal actions for anti-competitive behavior, anti-trust, and monopoly practices and their outcomes.


SO8 core
Monetary value of significant fines and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and regulations.

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  1. In Order to make a mark in the society, the company should start practicing the fair means of work.

    A company should have the policies laid down about its dealing with various other institutions.

    The interactions should be fair and open.

    Unfair practices like bribes and gifts should not be solicitated.

    A firm company policy to not have any business interactions with organizations or individuals involved in unfair practices or corruption will have impact on the people and they will not indulge in corruption.

  2. Anonymous

    I am not sure how Effectively SAP monitors, SO7 Anti-competitive behavior, especially in SAP EDUCATION That too concentrating in few countries, ex: India, where SAP copyrighted Training material, succumbed to Piracy.

    And also freely available for download from certain websites.

    It should take much more stringent ways to protect its data, for which its charges huge amounts from individuals who come to get trained and certified. Its just not fair.