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Jim Spath is presenting on "Supply Chain and the Environment" at TechEd Berlin.

Instead of the traditional, yet proprietary,  slide format, the subject matter is on this wiki page...

Jim's Background

  • Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University.  High School diploma from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.
  • Work at the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Maryland State Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Maryland State  Department of the Environment.
  • Volunteered at Nuclear Free America, Baltimore City Community Recycling, Boy Scouts of America.

Jim's Experiences

  • Met the Wolmans at JHU (Abel and Reds)
  • Inspected power plants, wastewater treatment facilities, chemical plants, solid waste management facilities, you name it.

Jim's Musings (blogs on sustainability or environmental issues on SDN)


Self-service water quality rating _ .

@jspath - here is the link to the Eye On Earth Microsoft-EEA EU site minutesago from twhirl