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Richard Hirsch, Siemens, BPX community contributor and active participant.

Richard Hirsch has been involved with SAP and SAP NetWeaver for over four years. Starting as an operations manager for an Enterprise Portal (V 5.0), Mr. Hirsch has since worked with a variety of internal and external customers as a developer, project manager, and consultant focusing on SAP NetWeaver projects. His areas of expertise include Portal, Knowledge Management, Portal Integration and SSO, CAF and other Enterprise SOA-related areas.

Currently, Richard is a senior Portal/SAPNetWeaver consultant for Siemens. He recently spoke with Senior Editor Talila Baron about his passion for blogging on the SAP Developer Network (SDN) and Business Process Expert (BPX) Community, and his involvement in a new pilot, the BPX Community Project, on the BPX Wiki.

"From a purely personal side, I like to blog. It's a creative outlet. Longer term, the Wiki is more intriguing to me. It gives people the ability to work together.

The BPX Community Pilot, for example, lets people work together on a design, which is fascinating. And the experiences we gain through the Wiki could be used elsewhere, say, in an eSOA project. I want to examine more closely how the Wiki can be used, and want to see what happens when people play with 'roles.' Roles enable people to express themselves more freely in an online environment.

Ultimately, my belief is that you can usually work out technical stuff on your own, or find answers to your questions on SDN. But the gap is between business needs and technology. And this gap is where the real work is. That's where a collaborative, playful environment like the Wiki is important. "

Richard's Bio:
BA University of California - UC Davis (with honors) (I've left out all those embarrassing dates.....)
Major: International Relations
Minors Political Science, History, Comparative Lit.
MA: University of California - UC Davis
Major: Political Science

  • Project Management work at School of Business Administration, Sacramento
  • Development Work (primarily development work) at various US High-Tech. companies
  • Move to Austria in 1991 (we'll have to hear more at a TechEd party.)
  • Started work at Siemens in 1991 and stayed there ever since. Started developing work (C, COBOL, etc.) and then moved into consulting work for various German government agencies. Started working with SAP Portal about 4 years ago (doing operations work,) and got hooked. Been doing SAP NetWeaver consulting for various Siemens divisions, corporate CIO and external customers ever since. My consulting work for Corporate CIO ranges from service consolidation work, NetWeaver strategy, etc.

The best thing about all my consulting work for Corporate CIO is that I get to write about this cool stuff and as you might have noticed - I love to write.