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2009 Page. 

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30 seconds of recognition - 2010 edition 


30 seconds of recognition - 2010 edition SCN Choice Video Awards 

In our sea of 1.6 million members do you think you can find 30 seconds for a small challenge? It's actually a pretty simple challenge and one that you do every time you walk into a room with new people.

I'd like anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes from you (audio or video) telling me, who you are. Maybe you play an instrument, wrote a book, were/are a DJ, ran track? Who are you? For many of you this community has become an extension to your working environment and so your fellow coworkers are now wondering, "who are you?"

Community Members

Abesh Bhattacharjee

Matthew Billingham

Thorsten Franz

Steffen Fröhlich

Alvaro "Blag" Tejada Galindo /\ Alvaro "Blag" Tejada Galindo "Second take"

Daniel Graversen

Dennis Howlett

Stephen Johannes

Sue Keohan

Michael Koch

Gretchen Lindquist

Christine Puccio (Sun) & Natascha Schuberth Thomson (SAP) - assisted by Scott Allen of Intel

Jon Reed /\ Jon Reed "Director's Cut" /\ Bizarre Outtake Footage

Jim Spath #1 /\ Jim Spath #2 /\ Jim Spath #3 [=\

Tony de Thomasis

Alphabetical by surname (question)

We've decided to host an awards show. Those familiar with the "anti-Oscar" called the "Razzies" will understand why we chose to call our recognition program the "SCNotty" awards. "

Add your recognition categories to this wiki page: 30 Seconds of Recognition

(Note: don't add your category on the page you are looking at, add it on the page called "30 seconds of recognition".  This page here is for linking your video.  Stop, you're confusing me!)

For video editing tips, see:
Movie-making Basics


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    Create your video with Veodia -

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    This is a great great wiki! Thank you. Will contribute my own video soon.