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Members of SAP Community are once again encouraged to produce and link to a 30 second (more or less) video introducing themselves to the rest of us and can win a SCNotty. Deadline for submissions is October 10th, 2012.  October 14, 2012.   The deadline has been extended! Read about it!

Follow on Twitter at @SCNotties or use the hashtag #SCNotties

Get a 'behind the scenes' ' look at who (and how) these prestigious awards get made!

Blogs on the SCNotty Awards


1. Create a video

2. Upload to Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Pick a platform and snag the link.

3.Submit below

Community Member

(Title, Link, Anything)

Super Power /

Embedded Video

Former Member

10 SAP Mentors
x <30 seconds
We Care a Lot
Note to others thinking of participating - Don't spend as much time as I did coordinating/editing this one!  Single take videos are highly recommended for SCNottys and much more fun to do!

SAP Mentor League

Natascha Thomson & Dorothea Sieber 
(Honorary team member: Gretchen Lindquist )

Two social media marketers from Germany, living in the USA.
We Care even More
Note to others thinking of participating - Don't spend as little time as we did coordinating as you end up spending a lot of time editing. As Matt says, single take videos are advisable. So you know who to vote for!

German Social Media Marketers in the USA inspired by a dog lover.

Moya Watson

Being An SAP Mentor (Whiskey) Ambassador

"Love makes the world go round? Not at all. Whiskey makes it go round twice as fast."

Jamie Oswald

NBA Style

An SAP Mentor with a passion for stats and basketball. Op, op.

Greg Myers

@gpmyers like Never Before




@Blag Overly Attached Developer

Keep coding man!

Former Member

@marekkowal racing with himself and...

Run Better, Thirstier, Sweatier

Sylvia Santelli

@SylviaSant is "hanging out" with her "friends".

Makes lots of friends, they don't need to be human.

jim spath

"Not going anywhere for a while..."

Invisible (ref: Mystery Men)

Moshe Naveh

@MosheNaveh "Passion is the most important thing, for what is a different discussion"

Salad Monster

Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

@Sygyzmundovych tribute to #SAPTechEd and #SAPDevCenter

"From Wrocław with TechEd love"

Leonardo and Marek
Guest appearance by Dominique
Lyrics and performance by Doug


Pimp my health





























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  1. Unknown User (dwx0jkz)

    Wow. The Matt Harding video is amazing!! The stakes are high.

  2. Somehow the link to @moshe's video got lost, so here it is:

    I leave it to the better Wiki-ers to see if someone can fix it.