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Due to its popularity and the fun we had with the SCNotty awards in 2009, we are widening the scope in 2010 by adding the SCN Choice Video Awards.  You are invited to participate in both the humorous SCNotty and the more serious SCN Choice Awards.


  • SCOPE: Produce your own 30 seconds to 3 minutes long (amateur) video in one of the two categories below.
  • RULES: Simply post a URL to your video under the submissions header below to participate. By submitting it, you are making the video part of the public domain. Should you be unable to edit this wiki to add the URL for any reason, please feel free to email Sylvia Santelli or Jim Spath the URL and they can post it for you.
  • JUDGING: The videos will be voted on by an awards committee consisting of Sylvia, Jim and TBD. This is a somewhat informal contest without legal rules; the idea is to share experiences and have a good time. As hosts, Sylvia Santelli Jim Spath reserve final choice for their own judgment or reasons.
  • PRIZES: There will be an awards ceremony at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas and Berlin (more details to follow). Unfortunately, we cannot provide free passes or airfare/hotel. Every submitted video will be awarded 150 points, plus 100 points will additionally be awarded to each winning video.
  • DEADLINE: Submissions have to be received by September 30th, 2010.

2010 SCN CHOICE VIDEO AWARD CATEGORIES (please suggest one - we'll pick the best three)

  1. SCN Success Story: How SCN has helped me or my customer
    1. The video should talk about the tangible benefits that you have derived from SCN membership, e.g. how you were able to implement a project faster or more efficiently for you or your customers, or how you got an answer in the forum that resolved a business challenge
  2. SUSTAINABILITY: My tips or story on how I have contributed to a more sustainable world recently (privately or in business)


  • Post your video here under your name (give it a title if you'd like, e.g. Natascha Thomson: "How SCN solved all my problems") and email Sylvia Santelli.

Community Member

Title, link, etc.


Martin Gillet

My SCN Success Story: How SCN 'changed my life' (A true drive thru experience by @mgillet)

Roel van den Berge

Hi I'm Roel van den Berge from CIBER Netherlands and this is my introduction to the SCN community .


Matthias Steiner

Category: How SCN has helped me or a customer: "Introduction video on how SCN has been helping me in my professional career"

Jim Spath

Sustainability 26-Aug-2010

Jon Reed

Category: How SCN has helped me or a customer: "How I derive business value from SCN (and make friends along the way)"

Jamie Oswald

Surfing SCN

Sylvia Santelli

SideWays Production of  "I take public transportation!"

Greg Myers

Category: Sustainability Worms eat my Garbage

Tammy Powlas

Category: Sustainability Oneida Seven Generations

Gretchen Lindquist

Category: Sustainability Everyday Sustainability with Sandy and Gretchen

Tammy Powlas

Category: SCN Choice Award - How I derive Value from SAP Community Network

Michelle Crapo

Category: SCN Choice Award - SCN reasons to leave work on time

Somnath Manna

Search Story - Where SAP has taken me to