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Due to its popularity and the fun we had with the SCNotty awards in 2009, we are widening the scope in 2010 by adding the SCN Choice Video Awards*.*  You are invited to participate in both the humorous SCNotty and the more serious SCN Choice Video Awards.

THE 2010 "SCNotty" AWARDS 

Members of SAP Community are once again encouraged to produce and link to a 30 second (more or less) video introducing themselves to the rest of us and can win a SCNotty. Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2010!!

SCNotty back references 2009: 

30 Seconds

30 seconds of recognition

Blogs on the SCNotties

SCNotty Award Categories for 30 Second Videos: (proposed - feel free to update and add more categories)

  • SAP Mentor videos in HD
  • SAP Mentor videos NOT in HD
  • Videos NOT by an SAP Mentor
  • Best video by a female
  • Best video NOT by a female
  • Best video overall
  • Worst performance
  • Best performance
  • Best Accordion Film Music (Create your own category to win)
  • Jeopardy Contest

 Every submitted video will be awarded 150 points, plus 100 points will additionally be awarded to each winning video.

Find out more about the SCN Choice Video Awards.

2010 SCNotty Submissions for 30 Second Video: 

Community Member

Link, title, etc.


Matthias Steiner

Category: 30 seconds of recognition: "My 35s Search Story about myself"

Alvaro "Blag" Tejada Galindo

Category: 30 seconds of recognition: "BlagNotty Video entry (SCNotties 2010)"

Abesh Bhattacharjee

Category: The Bizarre: The Attack of the Machines

Jon Reed

Category: Blooper Reel : ASUG/SAPPHIRE Outtake (produced by Dennis Howlett)

Jim Spath

Category: Darkness on the edge of town : The Darker Side of Jim Spath - Community Style

Jon Reed

Category: And Now for Something Completely Different : Who's Lying Now?

Gretchen Lindquist

Category: 30 Seconds of recognition: Gretchen's 2010 SCN video

Jon Reed

Category: Mixed Nuts: Bad Resume Meltdown

Craig Cmehil

Category: Mixed Nuts: 30s

Greg Myers

Category: 30 Seconds of Recognition: Greg's 2010 SCN Video

Mark Finnern

Best Accordion Film Music

SAP Custom Development OAM Team

Flux Compensator Category: Work hard and have fun doing so! The video is about 2 minutes, but as it is a team effort with multiple people involved - we thought that would be ok.

Tammy Powlas

Tammy Powlas Celebrity Jeopardy

Stephen Johannes

SCN Monkey

John Appleby


Audrey Stevenson

Introducing Myself to the Community

Somnath Manna

40secs of Recognition Video

Roel van den Berge

Hi I'm Roel van den Berge from CIBER Netherlands and this is my introduction to the SCN community.

Sue Keohan

Public Service Announcement

Martin English

International sports !!!
Stars of stage and screen !!!! It has everything (including a well developed sense of proportion !!!)

Jim Link

SCN Cubes - View the extended Director's Cut of the video

Derek Loranca

Jamie Oswald

Dennis Howlett

Mentor on HD

Mark Finnern

Frank Finna and the Mentors of Invention with Future of CRM:

Martin Gillet

Drive through

John Astill

Chumby Eghead

Greg Chase

"Eva the BPM Doggie"
1)  Most desperate attempt to get a video in past the deadline
2)  Worst video editing job
3)  Best attempt to connect BPM to anything
4)  Best attempt at exploiting an animal to win


Sylvia Santelli  will be working on SCN recognition (hopefully points) for the videos. Stay tuned.