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SCNotties 2011 - Madrid Spain - your 30 seconds of recognition

This is a voluntary effort where people can introduce themselves via a video clip to the rest of the SAP Community Network. The idea was started by Craig Cmehil, and then became a somewhat silly game to see who could make the funniest video.  But it's still a serious idea, where your name may be known to the community, but maybe not your face, or your voice.  The target of 30 seconds has several benefits - it forces you to be succinct, it preserves bandwidth, and it allows a larger number of people to be introduced to SCN in a short time.

The rules of the contest are as follows, in order to win a coveted "SCNotties" award.  But you can contribute without trying to win anything/

Rules / Categories

  • Community member video introduction of themselves
  • Upload 30 second clips to an online sharing service (any that allow basic HTML embedding code).
  • Put your name, and links, below.
  • The administrators will likely pick a thumbnail from your clip and size it to fit.  If you don't like it, upload a better one.  It's a wiki.

DEADLINE is 31-OCT-2011.  No Kidding. CLOSED

Official Entry Form


SCN Business
Card link

 (Title, link,etc)

(leave blank)

Ivan Femia

SCN Public Profile


Vitaliy Rudnytskiy



Matthias Steiner

SCN BizCard

Show us what you got!

Tom Cenens

SCN Business Card

I'm back again

Tobias Trapp

SCN Business Card

Flamenco y Olé

Casper Ballemans
Peter Combee
Ravi Santani
Roel van den Berge
Sven van Leuken
Twan van den Broek

SCN Business card Twan

The Dutch SAP Mafia

Martin English

My SCN Business Card

Tobias beat me to the Flamenco, so ... Rugby, SAP and Passion....

Martin Lang

My SCN Business Card


Fred Verheul

My SCN Business Card

A musical youth remembrance

Greg Chase

My SCN Business Card

Greggie Washing

Dilek Adak

SCN Business Card

Me in different places


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