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Q. What's your name, title, email and company affiliation?
A. Ignacio Hernández, SAP NetWeaver Consultant at ADP Consultores.

Q. What was the challenge or "pain point" that motivated you to use SDN or BPX?
A. I came to SDN to learn more about SAP NetWeaver. My first approach was the Web Dynpro for Java Forum. (Valery and Armin...Thank you!) Blogs were also great. (The BSP series from Thomas Jung was terrific.) And now, I write my own blogs and use the wiki.

Q. How did participation or collaboration on SDN or BPX help you to resolve your challenge?
A. I solve 90 percent of my development problems using forums. With the other 10 percent, I have to think a little more.

Q. What value did SDN or BPX ultimately create for your company, your customers, or your partners?
A. My first response to developers is "Did you search it on SDN?" I think that by having this community, we can make knowledge more accessible to everyone.

Q. Which resources did you use most frequently (e.g. forums, blogs, eLearning sessions, the Wiki)?
A. I search in forums, at least four or five times per day. I read 40 percent of the blogs, and 100 percent of blog presentations (in the most recent blogs page). I have watched some eLearning sessions, and I love the Wiki. I created the Community Brainstorming page and Web Application Development Focus Java Study Guide. Also, I have a feed reader looking at blog comments, the Coffee Corner, and Suggestions and Comments Forum. In my free time (which I don't have much of), I work in Jabap, a community project.

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