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To Upload a Graphic as a Blogger:

  • Step 2: Use the "Upload Image" option (once you have used the blogger link in Step 1)

  • Step 3: Upload image following the rules and restrictions on the page*
  • Step 4: Copy the html url generated to your blog using the "HTML" icon (in the menu bar above the area where you type the body of your blog)

To display a graphic from an external site, you can include the full path to the image. Note that linking to images not within the domain could cause your intended artwork to be blocked by a users firewall rules, take longer to display (no caching by the SDN infrastructure) or disappear entirely due to changes on the source site, or worse (shudder).

Other examples of creating graphics for your blog:

[EmTech:Link to external web drawing]

Web charts from live data

* Please note that the image must remain in the 'upload image' section for it to continue being displayed in your blog.

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1 Comment

  1. Former Member

    This did nto work for me; picture did not display. I tried in in multiple ways.

    Can you post a few screenshots here, please?