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Share Your Community Success Stories
How have you used SDN and BPX? We want to find out! That's why we've initiated our Community Success Story Program, which aims to discover how SAP customers, partners, and consultants use SDN and BPX to do their jobs better and faster.  
Tell us about your challenges, "pain points," and the ways in which collaboration on SDN or BPX helped to resolve those challenges. Let us know about the tangible benefits you've reaped from SDN and BPX!
Answer these five simple questions completely and earn 20 points. If you're selected to participate in the Community Success Story Program, you'll receive an additional 50 points!

1. What's your name, title, email and company affiliation?
My name is Andre Boegelsack and currently I'm a PhD student at the Chair for Information Systems of Prof. Dr. Krcmar at Technische Universitaet Muenchen. I'm working in the SAP University Competence Center, which is a project initiated by SAP University Alliance, SUN Microsystems and the Technische Universitaet Muenchen. We act as an application service provider and therefore provide access to SAP system for other universities. 

2. What was the challenge or "pain point" that motivated you to use SDN or BPX?The big world, named SAP. There a lot of possibilities and competitions.
The SDN community provides me with a whole set of information regarding: programming, administration of SAP systems and intersting new features of the SAP releases. Whereever you have a question to any point in the SAP environemnt, you can find the necessary knowledge. The community reacts very quickly and nearly all questions are answered. This very big knowledge base ist the main factor for the success of the community. Many questions we have regarding hosting of SAP systems, programming with ABAP/Java/BSP and so on, are answerd quickly and in the most of the cases successfully. Many of our students, participating in our ABAP courses, are glad for the oppurtinity in accessing information and knowledge from this community. 

3. How did participation or collaboration on SDN or BPX help you to resolve your challenge?
SDN provides you with a plenty of information. You can start from the scratch learning new technologies, because SDN provides enough information for teching yourself. Many bloggers are submitting nice guides for starting with a new technology. If you have the necessary knowledge, you can go on and learn more new things.

4. What value did SDN or BPX ultimately create for your company, your customers, or your partners?
Regarding problems in SAP hosting, we could reduce our response time. First step is checking the service marketplace, but the second step is always checking SDN. I cannot remember any problem solution, where we didn't consult the SDN.

5. Which resources did you use most frequently (e.g. forums, blogs, eLearning sessions, the Wiki)?
Forums and blogs