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In the below example it has been shown how the attachments in Services for Object can be attached in WorlItem that are to be sent to SAP Inbox.

Function Module 'BDS_ALL_CONNECTIONS_GET' gets all the document ids of attachments when no_gos_docs is given as space instead of 'X'. From document ids, we can get attachment data through FM 'SO_DOCUMENT_READ_API1'. The hexadecimal content is to be converted as binary file which can then be attached to Woritem through FM 'SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD'.

This FM is to be called through some zmethod in Business Object BUS2089. And in standard task, we need to call this method with proper binding.

  FUNCTION ztest_service_atta.
*"*"Local Interface:

  DATA: gs_att_header TYPE swr_att_header.

  DATA: ls_lpor TYPE sibflporb,
  lt_lpor TYPE TABLE OF sibflporb,
  ls_option TYPE obl_s_relt,
  lt_option TYPE obl_t_relt,
  ls_rol_op TYPE obl_s_rolt,
  lt_rol_op TYPE obl_t_rolt,
  ls_links TYPE obl_s_link,
  lt_links TYPE obl_t_link,
  ls_folder TYPE soodk,
  ls_object TYPE soodk,
  ls_obj_hd TYPE sood2,
  lt_object_content_l TYPE TABLE OF solisti1,
  ls_object_content_l TYPE solisti1,
  lt_obj_cont TYPE TABLE OF soli,
  lt_conn TYPE TABLE OF bdn_con,
  ls_conn TYPE bdn_con,
  ls_atta TYPE swr_att_id,
  gv_file TYPE char255.

  DATA: lt_hex_cont TYPE TABLE OF solix,
        ls_hex_cont TYPE solix,
        gv_string TYPE string,

* Work areas
  DATA: lwa_doc_data        LIKE sodocchgi1,
        lwa_document_data   LIKE sofolenti1,
        lv_document_id      TYPE sofolenti1-doc_id,
        lwa_links           LIKE LINE OF lt_links,
        lwa_object          TYPE borident,
        ev_binfile TYPE xstring.


  CONCATENATE iv_pernr iv_reinr INTO ls_lpor-instid.
  ls_lpor-typeid = 'BUS2089'.
  ls_lpor-catid = 'BO'.
  APPEND ls_lpor TO lt_lpor.

  ls_option-sign = 'I'.
  ls_option-option = 'EQ'.
  ls_option-low = 'ATTA'.
  APPEND ls_option TO lt_option.

  ls_rol_op-sign = 'I'.
  ls_rol_op-option = 'EQ'.
  ls_rol_op-low = 'GOSAPPLOBJ'.
  APPEND ls_rol_op TO lt_rol_op.

      classname        = 'BUS2089'
      classtype        = 'BO'
      objkey           = ls_lpor-instid
      all              = 'X'
      no_gos_docs      = ''
      all_connections  = lt_conn
      no_objects_found = 1
      error_kpro       = 2
      internal_error   = 3
      not_authorized   = 4
      OTHERS           = 5.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.

* Process the attachment list
  LOOP AT lt_conn INTO ls_conn.
    lv_document_id = ls_conn-loio_id.
    CLEAR lt_hex_cont[].
* Read the data
        document_id                = lv_document_id
        document_data              = lwa_document_data
        contents_hex               = lt_hex_cont
        document_id_not_exist      = 1
        operation_no_authorization = 2
        x_error                    = 3
        OTHERS                     = 4.
    CLEAR ev_binfile.
    LOOP AT lt_hex_cont INTO ls_hex_cont.
      ASSIGN ls_hex_cont TO <p> CASTING.
      CONCATENATE ev_binfile <p> INTO ev_binfile IN BYTE MODE.

    IF ev_binfile IS NOT INITIAL AND iv_workitemid IS NOT INITIAL.
      gv_file_ext = ls_conn-docuclass.
      TRANSLATE gv_file_ext TO UPPER CASE.
      gs_att_header-file_type       = 'B'.
      gs_att_header-file_extension  = gv_file_ext.
      CONCATENATE 'Scanned Atta.' gv_file_ext INTO gs_att_header-file_name.
      gs_att_header-language        = 'EN'.
          workitem_id = iv_workitemid
          att_header  = gs_att_header
          att_bin     = ev_binfile
          do_commit   = 'X'
*        return_code = ev_return_code
          att_id      = ls_atta.

      IF ls_atta IS INITIAL.
        RAISE attach_failed.
      APPEND ls_atta TO t_atta.
      CLEAR ls_atta.


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