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COPA Will come under customer generated data sources. We are generating data source based on some other object

All financial modules- FI (Finance) To Record all the transactions belongs to finance (Cash), the reports coming out from finance will be used by External users like shareholders and Tax authorities etc.

Sub Modules - FI – AR (Accounts Receivable- deal with customers- It will give aging report), FI - AP (Accounts Payable - Vendors), FI- GL  (General Ledger -Any finance transaction), FI - AA(Asset Accounting - Deals with assets),  FI -SL (Special Ledger)

CO (Controlling) - The reports coming out from Controlling will be used by internal users like production manager, MM manager and CEOs etc.

Only for COPA & FI - SL we need to generate data source (Customer generated data sources)

The reports of CO-PA will be used by Top level people (Whether the company is in loss or profit), CO - PA is sub module of CO

Why there is no business content data source for CO - PA?

In CO-PA, The FI -CO consultant mainly work with object called Operating concerns, Operating Concerns will have characteristic fields and value fields. The structure of operating concerns is not fixed, based on client requirement they may change, so we can’t fix the data source.

Operating concerns. Two types of fields

1. Characteristic field

2.Value fields
The FI-Co consultant create the operating concerns based characteristic fields and value fields
CHARACTERISTIS - Sales document number,  customer number , material number,

VALUE FIELDS-Cost of goods sold, net sales, billing quantity
The operating Concerns internally it creates four tables, CE1-name of operating concern, CE2-name of operating concern, CE3-name of operating concern,CE4-name of operating concern

Technical name of operating concern maximum length is four
CO-PA can be used for planning also, The CO-PA (Operating Concerns) will have both actual transactions and plan transactions

How the actual transactions will come to Operating Concerns?

We cant create transaction in CO-PA, COPA  is an integration module
When we perform some transactions in other modules it will reflect automatically in CO-PA
CO-PA central component for all modules, all the modules in R3 will be integrated to CO-PA
SD-Sales order, Delivery, Billing
Once the bill is raised, we will send the bill customer, once the money is collected for this bill, This bill amount will be posted in CO-PA
There is a button in SD to post the bill to CO-PA will be done by CO-PA Consultant

How my system does understand whether the transaction is planned transaction or actual transactions?

They use one character fields -Value type, If the value type is 10 the transaction is actual, if the value type is 20 the transaction is planned
CE1- Actual line item data (will be more detailed), CE 2-Planned (More Aggregated), CE3-Segment level table (Segment number will be primary key and all characteristics) AND CE4- Segment level table (Segment number will the primary key and all Value fields)
One important filed called version (10 or 20 or v1 or v2 or v3).  When you create Bex report we need to restrict net sales with Value type and Version (V type reporting). Otherwise you don’t get Accuracy of data

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