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Cultural Cues in China from Biz Cult blog

Good post about Understanding Relationships in China from Biz Cult Blog

Dell's corporate blog in Chinese is managed by Jacqui Zhou who provided these excellent links to leading practices and cultural web 2.0 research/behaviour in China

CIC's quarterly white paper   Internet trends and culture. Jacqui writes "we have been in touch with CIC for almost two years and really trust their research."

Slideshare with CIC research

China Web 2.0 Review News digest on everything China and social media.

Ogilvy China Digital Watch. Great insights and perspectives

Time's China Blog Written by Time's correspondents in China. Topics are more inclusive, from politics, to technology and culture.

If anyone interested in doing more about bbs/forum in China, apart from CIC, a local company is also a reliable agency.

Thanks to Jacqui Zhou for these tips.