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SAP CharITy Projects have been introduced here. The concept is simple: An IT expert takes two or three vacation days and offers a training or a spot consulting for a company that donates a certain amount to a non-profit organization in return.

Volunteer Name

Skills Offered

Paul Paylor

Book me for free advice on Community Develpment / Community Infrastructure advice / Community events

Gregor Wolf

Count me in to be hired for a day of spot consulting in the SAP CRM area

Thorsten Franz

Workshops for technical teams: SAP technology and skills update, custom development, ABAP Objects 

Marilyn Pratt

Donating sessions on Brand Evangelism and Creating Stakeholder Communities and donating proceeds

Tobias Trapp

Training & Spotconsulting in SAP NetWeaver development especially ABAP, Enterprise Services, XML technologies

Susan Keohan

Workflow analysis and design, debugging, etc.  1-2 hour slots?

Simon To

Platform-agnostic BusinessObjects portfolio. It'll be great if we can do some of it over weekends as vacation are precious.

Michal Krawczyk

Training & Spotconsulting in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration/Exchange Infrastructure

Bharat Vaka

Training/Spotconsulting in SAP ABAP Development.

Suresh Datti

Spotconsulting in SAP HCM Shared Services Development.

Arun Varadarajan

Spot Consulting in SAP BW

Graham Robinson

I'm in

Alvaro Tejada

Blag's in!

Robert Briese

Spot consulting and Training on SAP NetWeaver Portal - Knowledge Management & Collaboration (i.e: Flex UI Configuration, etc.)

Sunil Singh

SAP PI Consulting/Training

Damir Majer

Book me for a day of Spot consulting / Training in ABAP Development, Testautomation, eCATT, ABAP Unit, Better ABAP etc... and donate the fee

Justin Santhanam

SAP PI Consulting 

Siva Maranani

Spot Consulting in SAP Integration Technologies and SAP XI/PI

Michelle Crapo

1-2 hour Evening or Weekend work ABAP, Webdynpro, BSP  - OR - easier work in Workflow, XI/PI, XMII, Web Page Development, RPM Configuration / Cproject

Kumud Singh

ABAP + ABAP in HCM modules like PA,CATS,Payroll processing with PU12

Tammy Powlas

Whatever I can do!


Spot Consulting in the areas of SAP Interface , PI ,ABAP ,EDI ,Seeburger ,Project Management , BO(Crystal reports)

 Markus Theilen  ABAP development, code analysis, Scrum introduction