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Contributors are the cornerstone of our community. From time to time, we like to spotlight individuals who are helping to make SDN/BPX vibrant and interactive communities. Check out the current spotlight on the Contributor's Corner homepage, and link to previous spolights below. Find out more about BPX Top Contributors. Do you know someone who is making a difference here on SDN/BPX, someone you would like to see more of and learn more about? Please contact Gali Kling Schneider.

Join me in a conversation with Nigel James our latest Community Spotlight. Nigel is a blogger both here on SDN as well as here as well as one of our top notch contributors who really puts forth "community". He shares some of his thoughts, tips and tricks. Be sure to have a listen!

Come meet Abesh Bhattacharjee a wizz widget creator, a xMII forum moderator and an xApps frequenter. Listen to this podcast to learn more!

Richard Hirsch, BPX community contributor and active participant. Richard has been involved with SAP and SAP NetWeaver for over four years. Currently, Richard is a senior Portal/SAPNetWeaver consultant for Siemens and involved in the BPX Community Project. Read more here.

Hans-Joachim Odlozinski is a BPXer and BPX iPod winner. He is an expert in SAP application development architectures at axentiv AG, a German SAP service partner. To learn more about Hans.

Natty Gur
SDN is proud to share a recent interview with top BPX contributor Natan Gur. Natty evangelizes the use of the Enterprise Framework which he presented at TechEd 2006 Las Vegas. To learn more about Natty listen to this podcast by Gali Kling Schneider.  

Kartik Iyengar

Kartik Iyengardoesn't need an introduction but not everyone is aware of Kartik's Business Process Expert Top Contributor status. Marilyn Pratt highlights the BPX side of Kartik Iyegar, Read all about it...

Edwin Harpino
SDN is proud to share a recent interview with Edwin Harpino (AKA - A.H.P.) member of the 20K club!  Learn more about Mr. BI in this interview by our community reporter Sat.

Rich Heilman
The community reporter, Rich Heilman, has a turn on the spotlight seat when the interviewer is the interviewed. Meet the community reporter and reigning ABAP forum King, in this interview with Marilyn Pratt.

Durairaj Athavan Raja
SDN is proud to share with you a recent interview with Durairaj Athavan Raja check out the interview done by one of SDN's own Community Reporter's Rich Heilman.

Michal Krawczyk
SDN is proud to share with you a recent interview with "Mr. XI", Michal Krawczyk. It took SDN a little while to track him down but in the end I think it was worth it, read the interview.

Thilo Brandt
SDN is proud to share with you a recent interview with "Mr. KM", Thilo Brandt. SDN's own Kathy Clemens caught up with Thilo in Walldorf to see what he had to say. Check out the interview.

Sanjay Sinha
Since TechEd '05, Sanjay Sinha's points total has skyrocketed, all by means of the SAP Forums on SDN - the ABAP forum in particular. SAP's Ayelet Rotblat caught up with Sanjay in Singapore to see what he had to say. Check out the interview.

Bhanu Gupta
With almost 7000 points, Bhanu Gupta is no ordinary SDN contributor. Community Manager Craig Cmehil had an opportunity to sit down with Bhanu during SAP TechEd '05 in Boston and video-taped this interview  for SDN-TV. Find out how this self-proclaimed "non-techie" got started with SAP and SDN, and learn why she left the world of advertising to start a career in BW.
Kartik Iyengar
Kartik is a driving force behind a Wipro Technologies initiative with SDN, as well as a strong supporter of the SDN community. As an active contributor, with over 4300 points to date, Kartik wrote a popular 19-part blog series, called "The Architect's World," that has been helping fellow SDNers around the world.
Max Moder
Max is a student at the FH JOANNEUM, a University of Applied Sciences in Austria. He has been a strong contributor to SDN (with over 1600 points), and in April 2005 he courageously stepped up to a Contributor's Corner challenge. Read more... 

Roberto Negro
Roberto lives in the southern Italian town of Salento. He started working with BW in 2001, and his first job was as a BI Technical Analyst for Accenture. Read more... 

Detlev Beutner
Detlev is one of the few but growing number of contributors who earned most of their points in the forums. Detlev earned more than 5500 points solely by answering questions in the forums. Considering that answers earn at most 10 points and as little as 2 points, this is truly an achievement. Read more...