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Like any vibrant community, SDN has its share of good stories. New stories are being added as children pages below. If you'd like to submit your own story, follow the contributor guidelines and send it to Craig Cmehil.
How to Keep Students Interested in TBIT51

This is an actual event that happened to me during a TBIT51 course, I guess the lesson to be had is that you can make everything interesting, no matter how tired your students are. Read More

"How it feels to become an SDN Weblogger" by Alvaro Tejada

One day I was surfing the PHP/SAP forum here on SDN, I made some posts and got Craig's attention. He was happy with my plans of making some nice tools using PHP and SAP. He asks me to become a blogger, Read More.

"Discovering SDN Forums" by David Sirvent

Six months ago, I was working for Accenture on BW Consulting tasks. So, of course, I subscribed to a BW Internal Forum. And can guess the name of the top contributor at Accenture? Roberto Negro. He was the most active member, and he also gave his opinion about almost every subject on the BW Forum. (Sound familiar, SDNers?) Read more.

"Master of My Domain" by Ashish Gour

About a year back, I was, technically, a Certified SAP BW Solutions Consultant fresh on my first Job. Struggling to make an impression, and with limited grasp of the basics. I was like a kid during the e-commerce revolution, and if someone asked me what the D.C. meant in Washington, D.C., my answer was dot com. That's when I turned to the SDN community for help. Read more.

"The TechEd T-Shirt Snafu" by Thomas Jung

As many people who attended SAP TechEd '05 Boston may know, we were missing our beloved SDN leader, Mark Finnern. The rest of the SDN team did a fine job of filling Mark's shoes, but his presence was missed anyway. Read more.

"Man, You Rock!" by Bhanu Gupta

It's nice to earn points and to know that I have really helped someone conquer a nerve-wracking issue. But it's funny when I get a comment like, "Man, you rock!", or a "You are the Man!" You see, I'm not a man. Read more.

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