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Concept of Alpha Conversion in SAP BW:

                If any Document number is in the format 012345 (ie starting with Zero) and the maximum length of the info object is 60, then when we get the Document number in SAP BI, we will get that as 012345 preceding with 54 zeros.

When converting from an external into an internal format this checks whether the entry in the INPUT field is wholly numerical, whether it consists of digits only, possibly with blank spaces before and/or after.   If yes, the sequence of digits is copied to the OUTPUT field, right-aligned, and the space on the left is filled with zeros (‘0’). Otherwise the sequence of digits is copied to the output field from left to right and the space to the right remains blank.

In our case we have the Info object ZDOCUNUM which has ALPHA Conversion. Hence whenever we load the data, the document number will be preceding with Zeros.

In order to remove the ALPHA conversion, we have a dependency for Info object. The info object is used in other flows as well. All the dependent objects will convert to Inactive State.

We have created a test flow with two records, one Document number is with preceding Zeros and the other starting with a numeric value as mentioned below.

The data in the Data Source (PSA) is shown as not preceeding any zeros.(ex: 2341234,76453780000)

However when we load the data to DSO, the first level of info-provider, the data looks like: 0000000000000000000000000000000000002341234, 0000000000000000000000000076453780000.

But the data will be shown without Zeros when it is loaded to the next level or in the report level.

If we check the Domain of the Info object, the domain output’s Conversion Type is mentioned as ALPHA. Hence when it comes to the output, the Leading Zeros are getting truncated along with the zeros in the Document Number.

Options to resolve the issue:

  1. If we remove the ALPHA conversion for the object “ZDOCUNUM”, since it is being used in different flow's as well. It will result in changing of status of all the dependent objects to Inactive.

              This is not recommended as this will have highly impact on the existing flows.

  1. We can try to creating a new info-object without ALPHA conversion.

              We have created a new info object without ALPHA conversion and loaded data to the test flow. The result at the DSO level is shown as per our requirement (i.e. Without preciding  Zeros)

The result at the next level that is at the reporting level is:

Hence, it is possible that we can get the result correctly even for the Document numbers starting with Zeros.

But in our case, since the Document number ZDOCUNUM is used in other flows as well, we cannot change the properties as it will affect the other flows.


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